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Finally porting my data to btrfs. Safety at last!

Congratulations Dr. Breeser! πŸ‘πŸΌ

tired: human
wired: human't

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EU regulation to stop companies from sending you "We updated our privacy policy" e-mails when

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Today I learned that you can

- have both local and fedetared timelines visible at the same time
- move the said timelines away from the rightmost columns

by pinning them.

And this after using Mastodon for more than a year. πŸ™„


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Video Games Are Boring

I’m really glad I read this article. For a while now I’ve been feeling pretty bad about video games, and started to wonder if I still liked them. This article pointed out why and made me feel a lot better!

I hope I can make games that are interesting, positive and caring. β™₯

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What columns do y'all have pinned? What order do you like them in?

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Did you know my couch is approximately 145cm long? and that the sitting part is 93cm long? and that the height of my couch is 88cm? and the depth 79cm? and that I'm just posting this here because I needed a place to note this stuff?

also, did you know I have a two-person couch for sale in Usquert (in the north of the Netherlands)?

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Every few months I remember and miss Google Wave. #google #googlewave

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Went for a walk today after the rainstorm. There's a certain high you can reach alone on a stone path surrounded by spruce trees after a good rain.

a romp through Chinatown with Renata Zeiguer - Follow Me Down


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