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Looks like Ubuntu Phone will become my daily driver. I just need to get the key from Signal on Android to the Signal installation on that phone. :c

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I'm trying to find a stable routine instead being manic and then burning out. But I'm not quite sure what the intervals should be. I feel like this should be well established science πŸ˜…

Do I "let" myself work on music and go to the gym and eat well on my off days? Or do I "make" myself read at the cafe and eat junk food so that I'm ready to get back at it during the week?

I'm trying to figure out how much I should "enforce" down time on my days off.

I didn't realize "te quiero bro" was a valid expression. I guess English is still cool.

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The way my job has evolved, I increasingly need to have difficult conversations, and I am not naturally a people person.
I found these resources very helpful, especially the first two.



Wow! God's Own Country (Francis Lee)

I'm so confused. I really thought I would be so happy to have the night off after going to the gym four nights in a row. Like, "woo, party time!"

I cooked some vegetables and they were OK.

But I have this feeling like, "now what?"

I'm trying to enjoy my night off, but I'm not really enjoying it. I guess when I'm not busy is when I realize I feel anxious.

I could just go to the gym like normal…

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i want to quit everything and play minecraft for a year

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MC Ride is IN YOUR Area and he wants you to know he's SINGLE and ready to KNOW THE FIRST THREE NUMBERS

still trying to talk myself out of an expensive microphone that I will use maybe three times. lol.

Google is still updating Sites. They must use it internally.

"We like to think of science as being balanced, accurate, and devoid of prejudice. Yet according to Angela Saini, racism is insidiously worming its way into research."


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Lately, I've been enjoying a rare opportunity to bike to work daily. Getting other people to smile while getting the bike a go-around is a plus, too.

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