I could simmer the millet in beer…brilliant or crazy?

> “I assumed it was like some sad teenager going through a breakup, listening to bad music,” said Charlene Coughlin of her hacker.

> “We were actively having this Spotify battle,” she said. “His music would start. I would just keep hitting pause and playing mine.”

NYTimes on Spotify accounts getting hacked

Filesystem directories are now called "tabs," apparently.

Sometimes having otherwise simple conversations with my coworkers is complicated.

Is anyone taking a #pine64 #pineTime or #pinePhone to #36c3?
If you do I would like to meet you :3

Instagram stories are 100% Spotify decade in review.

What font do you like to write prose (not code) in?

Asking cuz the font that Ghostwriter[1], a neat markdown editor, defaulted to isn't working for me

(1) wereturtle.github.io/ghostwrit

Next week I'm flying to the US with a 24h layover in #Honolulu.

It's my first time in Hawaii, what should I do with just one day? A friend suggested Diamond Head and Waikiki. Anything else?

To be clear, I graciously accept all gifts; I want the giver to feel accepted.

But I wish there was no sense of obligation to give.

My feeling about gifts is that a gift given out of obligation isn't an act of kindness. It's not malicious, but it's a sort of nothingness. "Here; I did my job."

"Since the beer kegs could be bought on credit, I drank lustily from them."


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