I keep thinking about this tweet that was something like

"1- step program to ending the war in Ukraine

1. Russia withdraws its troops"

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Would you consider buying a house where the price was locked to inflation? Meaning the house, maintained but otherwise unchanged, would not appreciate in value, and you would eventually sell it for its inflation-adjusted purchase price.

—"We know the historical reputation of a segregated city," he said. "That is no longer the reality of what Buffalo is."

In fact, Buffalo remains one of the most racially segregated metropolitan areas in the country, with significant disparities in health, job access, education and criminal justice resulting.—

Front and center after Buffalo shooting, Mayor Byron Brown now faces his greatest challenge

Justin Murphy, Rochester Democrat and Chronicle



I'm going to try not to have pizza until Friday night, unless I'm really craving it.

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今日咁好彩get咗個維港海景學習位 我諗都值得po吓嘅。
Since I get my seat facing to the Victoria harbour in the campus study hall today, I think it worth a post :)

Clear Linux is freezing as a KVM guest for at least two other people (!).

At least it's not just me.

Suffice to say, I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for a fix.


from: Dicks Sporting Goods <noreply@surprisenotwanderedspeedilyhusbandsalthoughyetendbgeh.de> via mtqttu9hjg.outbound.protection.outlook.com

color me convinced!

I don't know how long I should wait for someone to look into Clear Linux's issues as a KVM guest.

Maybe going down the rabbit hole on AWS will help make up for the fact that I can't use my favorite toy. 😔

I tried using Alpine, but the performance doesn't thrill me, and I like to be thrilled.

I'm sure if I were a character in a novel, readers would be yelling at me to just get on with my life.

Stickin' it to the man by adding cheesy crackers to my otherwise vegan soup.

Podcast interview from 2013

Colin Marshall sits down in Los Angeles’ Koreatown with filmmaker Rob Montz, director of Juche Strong, a short documentary about North Korea and its propaganda.



I'm surprised there isn't any cheap bare metal hosting available, like someone renting out a rack of old NUCs.

Clear Linux froze on AWS.

I'm guessing anyone who uses it runs it on bare metal, or surely there would be so much as one other person affected, and clearly, there isn't.

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juche.town is open for registrations now, though I don't have a mailer setup for password recovery yet. Will put up the git repo and instructions on the voting system presently.
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