After meditating, I ate.

I did not feel like I needed to be entertained. I could actually taste the food.

This is of course after years of gradually turning my kitchen table into another computer desk 😅

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This is the most consistent I've ever been. I wonder what is driving that?

It took 15 minutes for me to notice the feeling of the air conditioner blowing on me.

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42.5k banned IPs for scraping my Gitea instance o.o

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"Is your success best described by analytics or instincts?"

My instinct says analytics…

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Starting to install updates in production 1 hour before a dinner party is probably not the best idea but I like to live on the edge :)

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wow there is a lot more fediverse software than I knew about

My 🅱️leroma server is down because I don't want that machine heating up the house.

I'm still haunted by a line from the French documentary "The Competition" where a prospective student was derided as "too comfortable being a student" or something to that effect.

I absolutely see this in myself and I'm not quite sure how to overcome it.

"OK Google; add 'religion' to my shopping list."

Is Java the cross platform computing environment that we apparently want the web to be?

Alternate Wheel of Fortune rules where only the middle score goes to the bonus round, encouraging players to be good…just not too good.

During the uprising there was an 8PM curfew.

…it did get me to finish dinner and get out to walk the dog so I could be home by 8.

Maybe I could stay off social media tonight and read instead (ha ha)

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horrific racism, lynching 

One of my friends was almost lynched last night in Bloomington, IN.

I just got to watch the painful videos.

My friend's name is Vauhxx. They barely got out with their life.

DNR did not make any arrests, so it’s time to get on the phone and reach out to Monroe County Prosecutor Erika Oliphant! Email is Phone is 18123492670.

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I am blaming Android for my lack of productivity.

I guess I need to set up a VPN to watch TharnType

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The existence of Freddie Mercury implies the existence of Freddie Zinc and Freddie Cadmium

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