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Restic backup

#restic is a #backup program that is fast, efficient and secure. It supports the three major operating systems (Linux, macOS, Windows) and a few smaller ones (FreeBSD, OpenBSD).

Nice people serious about backups in the forum. forum.restic.net/

I'm converted. no more stress with borg.

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finally recoverd pw to this account, nice to see the people I followed are still actively mostly, need to redo the aesthetic here kinda cringe

Expect a follow from @jonathan soon!

I will probably move to that account in the near future.

"Leave your Pride card at home and pay with PrEP!" — alternative world where you have to prove you're gay to buy certain things, like an Americano.

That stupid Siri voice on TikTok narrates everything in my head.

Sometimes I get the sense that there was an evacuation order, or something, but no one told me.

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Good morning. Welcome to Buffalo! No one lives here. It's just a bunch of empty tables at a cafe, that's all.

Wow, NetBSD's x11 does not like drawing on my display. 😅

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I think it is time for #translucent tech to do a come back. Don't you think?

This scene really struck me as science fiction: the clouds, the moon, even the plane cruising by at low altitude…

What a world.

Anyone wondering why I run Clear Linux, read this: :clearlinux:

Benchmarks: 13 vs. 9.2 vs. 7 vs. 6 vs.

Written by Michael Larabel in Operating Systems on 10 December 2021


Matcha lemonade today. 😋

I can't believe it's not !

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I can't believe NetBSD still uses CVS. 😅

Anyway, 9.3 is out.

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I have $50 per pay period feeding the account I use to buy ETFs. Dividends also pay into that account. I can basically mindlessly buy whatever I want knowing that as long as I use that account as a limiting factor, I won't overspend.

I limited my savings account to grow at a paltry $5 per pay period, plus interest (also paltry).

I actually increased the amount going into my checking account. My thinking is that I should not be dipping into my savings account except for planned purchases.

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