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man. "In the San Francisco metro area, per capita personal income rose 40 percent from 2011 to 2017, while home prices rose 96 percent. Similar patterns are evident in Los Angeles, Seattle, Boston, New York and Washington."

Why the Housing Market Is Slumping Despite a Booming Economy

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"Amazon is creating the problems it purports to solve. So why don’t we solve the problem, and take it over?" - The Case for Nationalizing Amazon
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I am now federating quite a lot thanks to’s relay 🥳

@tom this is probably a stupid question but why do you like MacOS? Do you think it's that much better for music? Do you just like it? Sorry if I asked you this before.

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monument dedicated to the memory of William McKinley

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Gleann Einich is a glacial through and has an interesting geological feature: flat-topped hills that remain after the mountain stream has eroded the valley floor.
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I replaced a GFCI outlet without electrocuting myself or burning down the house 💪🏼

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Tonight we had a house party, so I tried cooking vegetarian kara-age with soy meat. Thos tome the texture wasn't bad, but the flavor was not yet on par with the best ones I can find in Tokyo. Which secret ingredient am I missing? 🤔

… a character sitting on a bench who wiggles their leg precisely to neutralize another character's restless leg and thus prevent the bench from shaking.

"I've forgotten more things than most people will ever know." The people next to me are tripping out of their minds.

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The concert looked very, very sold out so I didn't even try to go in.

"This condition, if not addressed, could cause the flight crew to have difficulty controlling the airplane, and lead to excessive nose-down attitude, significant altitude loss, and possible impact with terrain."

pesky terrain always getting in the way of my flights

Should I even try to go to the concert tonight? It could be sold out, or worse, mediocre.

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