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Ahh another #beach day. Not too many left until summer vacation is finished

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Listening to Linux Unplugged. It's cool they have all these meetups and 'boosts'. They have a nice community.

I wonder if there is a linux/foss community in #taiwan? Can't talk about ask these things i'm interested in with coworkers or normie friends.

I'm not sure what the future is for this account. My intention is, for each guest of my podcast, to make them an account on charade.social to keep in touch.

I want the guests to join a lively, active instance, so I am mostly posting from @jonathan for now.

@kr1s000 did any of those horses come over to say hello?

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Never want summer to end. Beach. Swimming pools. Biking. Hiking. Coffee. Ahhh.

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@kai haha

"...we take this very seriously..."

corporations have no balls. they all bend over for big ol' for a few bucks.

"...Taiwan is an inalienable part of China's territory..."
except when it was owned by the aborigines, the Dutch, and Japan, obviously.

it feels like someone punching a rich kid in the face and then their mom makes them apologize. it is obviously a forced apology but the rich kids smiles and enjoys it like it is 100% genuine. #China is such a joke of a 'superpower'.

Now would be a great time to check your follow requests. 😅

Please check your follow requests for @jonathan! (it me)

@elias it seems my Pleroma instance can't see GTS 😭

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Restic backup

#restic is a #backup program that is fast, efficient and secure. It supports the three major operating systems (Linux, macOS, Windows) and a few smaller ones (FreeBSD, OpenBSD).

Nice people serious about backups in the forum. forum.restic.net/

I'm converted. no more stress with borg.

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finally recoverd pw to this account, nice to see the people I followed are still actively mostly, need to redo the aesthetic here kinda cringe

Expect a follow from @jonathan soon!

I will probably move to that account in the near future.

"Leave your Pride card at home and pay with PrEP!" — alternative world where you have to prove you're gay to buy certain things, like an Americano.

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