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Don’t compete in a race you don’t want to win.—Greg McKeown

Language is causative.—Greg McKeown

A customer at the restaurant is trying to explain such a variety of technology to her friend: what xi charging is, the difference between reply and reply-all, 😅

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Hey #book people! Looking for some mutuals :)
Currently reading: Summer Knight (The Dresden Files #4)
Next: Wool
Last finished: The Lighthouse Witches

Today I Learned that couch is a verb, too!

My book used the adjective "couchant" to describe the posture of pair of lion sculptures flanking the entrance to a bank.

This is by far the nicest location of this cafe.

There are even two cute guys cuddling in the window so suffice to say I'm feeling rather happy here. 😌

I'm trying to decide which cafe to go to.

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I just finished deep space nine. what an incredible show.

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I know that correlation is not causation, and there are some outliers. But it seems like, in general, covid vaccines prevent death in adults.


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Highly recommend obsidian.md/ for note taking, brain dumps, writing, second brain, code snippet storage, personal diary and so on.

The local storage system in markdown is the right solution for something so personal and one would never guess how simple the storage is just by using the app interface.

The more I use it the more I love it.

Maybe for Christmas this year, I could give everyone a beautifully framed print of this classic reddit post: reddit.com/r/offmychest/commen

"Of course, I love to read," I say, sitting in the cafe next to a pile of books. "Look!" *points to all the books*

*takes another sip of coffee*

*plays on phone*

The cafe has a nice lively atmosphere.

I'm usually at the office during business hours.

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