or until his girlfriend(s)? show up 😔

I'm not leaving the cafe until Hottie leaves.

I think I got the bass drum tuned better and I adjusted the beater height.

Maybe I'll try recording tomorrow.

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I've been living without owning a car for the past 10 years, and I'd never go back. Yes, it's easy even in the US, even in a big city (*especially* in a big city!)


@arturovm I don't know if you ever bought a headphone amp but you might want to pick up one of these if you have the money audio-gd.com/Pro/Headphoneamp/

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So our ship has embarked a troop of Albanian commandos. They spell it "Kommandoes". I can't seem to shake the feeling that they're actually from the Warhammer 40k universe.

(Either that or they're some kind of little-known paramilitary wing of the KDE foundation)

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I guess I should apply for that "data conversion" job I always see posted? I'm desperate.

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So I got inspired with the new Apple Watch complications and wrote a tiny app that shows the next *visible* pass of the ISS (or any other satellite) as a complication. The ring goes through dark blue (next 8h), light blue (next hour), and yellow (pass in progress) stages. It's pretty nifty! Bottom left complication in picture:

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'Midday Pipe': A tradition (I suspect only British, though I don't really have the experience to be able to say otherwise) whereby, on a long sea passage, a seafarer will at midday broadcast the vessel's position, a summary of the previous day's passage, that of the following day, and a joke or an amusing fact. Job usually falls to a cadet.

On my ship I have been (by dint of being the least radio-shy cadet) 'in charge' of the midday pipe.

Any clever jokes or facts very much appreciated!

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Quick visit to Fushimi Inari... I've already been there twice, but... :-)

I had this idea that I would just buy a bunch of instruments and then I would finally be able to record rock songs! How hard could it be? But people spend a lifetime on every aspect of this process so of course it doesn't sound that good when I pick it up and give it a whack.

I wonder why I don't record music more, but everything takes time. Took me like an hour to put that baffle in my bass drum. I had never taken the heads off before and never tuned it before. Everything has a learning curve. So, no wonder.

Now, where did I put that moon gel 🤔

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