I'm redirecting my thoughts about the office to thoughts about how to make money outside of the office, since that would solve the problem. My brain seems to find this acceptable.

For a moment driving home yesterday, I reveled in leaving the office in as decent a state as I could manage.

But then I started thinking about all the other stuff I have to do and started panicking. 😅

I know these are just thoughts which I can ostensibly control.

You know what would really help me relax? Not feeling like I'm riding a mudslide down the side of a cliff. ⛰️

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I'm trying to survive my job-I-don't-like long enough to get enough experience in film to decide if I like doing that or not, and if not, then survive long enough to become a Computer Wizard (technical term).

And I'm trying to build a professional community to help with all of the above, or finding another job, or whatever.

I shouldn't feel panicked and hopeless like I'm not going to make it. 😅

I want to think that if I lost my job, I could go out and get another job. But I don't feel that way at all.

Even if I got an engineering degree, I'm not sure there would be a job waiting for me.

I just feel like, this is it, and if I leave, it's all over.

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Tonight on #FilmFrown we're talking about Megaforce, the 1982 film starring Barry Bostwick and his suspect silhouette.

You should be able to listen to us live at 7:30p MDT / 9p EDT (UTC-6) over at
#MegaFrown #podcast #podcasting #badmovies #movies

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Musings on a Theft 

I must have forgot to lock my door again because someone went through it again . . . but honestly this time they didn't take anything but a shitty rechargeable radio, some of my change, and possibly my universal phone tripod mount (which is pretty funny because for some reason I've lost like 4 phone tripod mounts ), about a dollar worth of nickels and dimes.

They left some bluetooth headphones and a high quality charging cables, which probably were the most valuable things in the car without going into the trunk.

I don't leave anything of value in my car anymore because this has happened so much. It is a weird feeling of violation, but also kind of makes me feel like I have bad taste that they didn't steal more, hahah.

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I was going to make completely different joke, but this one wrote itself!

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History and Etymology for mastodon

borrowed from New Latin Mastodont-

The reason you should "do what you love" is to have courage through the inevitable failure.

'People Pleasing' is going to be in the DSM-6

My quality of mind was poor this weekend in spite of all my usual coping strategies.

I'm not sure how to fix it.

It seems ridiculous to me that I would regret working for my current employer, because I can easily make this reality come true by quitting or finding another job.

I think I was just really ready for a natural transition out of my old job, and the merger seemed like the perfect opportunity to close the door.

I will say that merging two businesses was easily the most interesting thing that ever happened at the office. But now that it's back to business-as-usual, I'm back to depression-as-usual.

Feeling vindicated for having a computer on my kitchen table since Sean Flynn had a turntable on his.

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