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Low space and HAMMER2 snapshots

It used to be that if you had a HAMMER2 volume and ran low on space, snapshotting would stop so that you didn't completely fill the disk.  Now, thanks to Francis GUDIN, snapshots continue to roll forward and discard older ones to keep disk usage constant.   It won't fix the low disk space issue, but snapshots will stay up to date.  It's in 6.0 too.


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I should have just stayed on with my old boss as "business transition specialist" or whatever, and not taken any responsibility with the new owner.

The merge is so complicated that it's *still* going on after 7 months, and integrating systems is a lot more interesting than my day job.

But I'm scared of the same thing I'm always scared of: running out of money.

Pixel 2 will be four years old in October. I'm trying to hold out for Pixel 6 which is supposed to get 5 years of support.

But the charging port on Pixel 2 is faulty and doesn't work reliably. I hope it keeps working for 2 more months. πŸ˜…


I don't eat potato chips; I "get into" them. πŸ™„

I ate way too much and didn't make it to the gym. Blah 😴

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dream analysis 

Jung said there are big dreams and little dreams. Little dreams are just your mind processing day to day matters, but big dreams can offer great insights.

Last night I had the "first day of college" dream that I have had hundreds of times.

The first day of college was the beginning of a big adventure, and it was probably the last time I had such an experience.

I think my dream is telling me that I'm ready for the next big adventure.

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Me: I would probably feel happier if I didn't spend so much time on social media

Also me: …

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Lazy Reading for 2021/08/01

Mini-theme, barely: music.

The Framework Laptop,   Customizable parts, and pick-your-own ports.  (via pikrzyszt on EFNet #dragonflybsd)
Plaintext Distro.  As in Distributor of zines.  (via)
Decoded: OpenTTD.  (via)
50 Years of Text Games: 1997: Achaea.  I never heard of this but it's huge in scope.
Playdate reviews.  Quirky is not the right word but I want to say it.
The little-kn


Pleroma on Alpine is up and using 563M of disk space and 239M of RAM (with no posts or activity yet).

that wasn't bad, I guess, for something I've only done once before and still don't understand πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ

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Should I disable TLS_ECDHE_RSA_WITH_AES_256_CBC_SHA384 ? It's listed as "weak"

or will I break stuff?

Naturally, postgres only accepts EST5EDT for my timezone, not US/Eastern. Perfectly logical.

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