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We've been using meet.jit.si/ video calls for several weeks for a weekly meetup. 5-10 people, no time limit. Participants are non-technical and there were no problems setting up. Everything has worked very well.

The texlive bundle is 1200MB? What the heck is in there? I thought this stuff was from the 70s.

The ultimate in passive compliance: the "masks required" sign is on the inside of the door; you can only see it when you leave.

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Got my #Kobo today and my initial impression is I love it! Not that I was dissatisfied with the Kindle Keyboard model, but the Libra H2O is just better! More comfortable instantly (which I was skeptical). Font rendering is superior, no competition. That was the one aspect I knew would be better because I had a family member's newer Kindle to compare.

I loaded some ePub #books I purchased from #HumbleBundle months ago via USB cable from my Linux desktop no problem! woot!

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uspol, elections, trump 

Finally there is some serious discussion in the mainstream of the possibility of a coup in the USA. Before it was either clickbait or irony.

I've been worried about this for quite some time, but most people I spoke with played it down.

I like how "American exceptionalism" is explicitly called out as a cause of that here:

This is also a decent read about this:

My friend just texted that he's spending the next two weeks without electronics.

I don't even have the discipline to spend the morning away from my phone…

This pandemic has sure made things awkward. I was invited to a birthday party tonight and figured I could hang out in the yard, but on the way there it started pouring, I guess I'm not going?

I feel rude popping in, wishing someone well and then saying, welp, pandemic, gotta go bye!

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Realized yesterday that the gravity in my pinball sim is wrong - but not so hugely wrong that it was obvious - and worked on figuring it out today. Here is the math:

The default gravity in Godot is 9.8, as in 9.8 m/s/s.

I decided to dimension things in "pinball diameter units", which are 1 1/16 inches.

I decided to mass things in 1/10 their real gram mass; a standard pinball is 80 grams, so in my "pinball mass units", it's 8.

To make the mass align with the dimensions, I have to reconcile the gravity unit. One meter in pinball diameters is 37.05, so at first guess the gravity would be 37.05 * 9.8 = 363.09. But this is far, far too heavy. The problem is that my mass unit is weird too; 9.8 m/s/s is applicable to kilogram masses(f=ma uses the Newton, defined in kilos), and I am using 1/10 gram mass, so after a bunch of powers-of-ten cancellation I have a gravity of 1/10th the indicated value: 3.6309.

So I plugged in this value and at a 6.5 degree playfield slope, the ball falls with the gradual accelerations I expect - almost a third of what I had it before - and all the playfield objects that apply force are hugely overpowered now.



And, yes, I walked across the street to take its picture in front of this mural.

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view from the kitchen door. the raised beds avoided this morning's frost but they won't be able to for much longer.


There's something funny about this…

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I love these quiet residential neighborhoods where children can play on the street and all the bicycles are unlocked 🥰

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I've been sitting in the dining room for 20-30 minutes now and no food has made itself into breakfast yet.

Gotta have a stylish case, quiet, high performance cooler, decent ram that runs at the mainboard max, fastest possible hard drive since it's a major pain point, and anything other than a high end power supply is asking for trouble.

At this point, might as well splurge on the mainboard and processor because you're already spending a lot of money anyway.


People wonder where I get this from.

When my dad buys anything that isn't a house or a car, anyone can tell you that he probably got "the most expensive one" of whatever it is 😂

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For fun, I put together a "bargain" system based on Intel G5500 ($100) and ASUS B365M-A ($80), but because there are so many other performance pain points where I'm not willing to compromise (cooler, power supply, hard drive…), I couldn't get the total system cost below $700.

As long as I'm spending The Big Bucks (like, anything more than $20 😅 ), I always feel like I should go big or go home…as long as it's within my means, of course.

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