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Yesterday I had my first taste of what it's like to be a programmer, and looking back, I don't care for it much. The way of thinking required felt different than my usual way, and it felt less creative, less smart, less free, and less powerful.
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"Come to live in South Korea, and youโ€™ll find that everything you used to use in the old country has a locally made equivalent in Korea. That goes not just for goods but for services, even โ€” maybe especially โ€” services on the internet."

How Koreaโ€™s Version of TED Talks Aims to Heal Korean Society
By Colin Marshall



"the best free and educational media on the web"

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I believe this to be the closest picture of Pasty I can make. (Are we getting creepy enough?)

The first three minutes of this podcast gave me a lot to think about.


Anyone want to discuss?

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From the back cover of "The Complete FreeBSD" 3rd edition:

"Walnut Creek CDROM, the publisher of this book, relies exclusively on FreeBSD to power its Web site and its FTP site, ftp.cdrom.com. The busiest site in the world according to independent auditors, it uses FreeBSD to manage 5,000 users, 4 GB RAM, and over 500 GB of hard drive space. It transfers a terabyte of data downloads every day. And what makes Yahoo! scream? FreeBSD!"

Painting an entire room is a chore. Just touching up a few spots isโ€ฆkinda fun ๐Ÿ˜Š

Tonight's project: painting this patch

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in Tools That Are So Useful That I Forget How Useful They Are:

dtrx (Do The Right eXtraction), a tool for handling the wide messy world of archive files - brettcsmith.org/2007/dtrx/

fun fact: it works on things like Debian archives too

I watched someone squat three reps of 635lbs at the gym.

That's like the volume of my entire workout in 60 seconds.

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In California, you can legally grow up to 3 pronouns per adult, for recreational use.

"Thatโ€™s how low frequency feels to a potential transit customer, and why frequency often swamps other factors, like speed, in determining whether transit is actually useful."

The Transit Ridership Recipe


"At the opposite extreme, if you live in a single family house with a driveway and usually get around by car, imagine that there were an automated gate at the end of your driveway that only opened once an hour, on the hour. When itโ€™s closed, you canโ€™t get your car in or out. If that were your situation, your biggest transportation problem would not be traffic congestion, or how fast you can go on the freeway; it would be how to get this frigging gate to open more often."

"i mean i rarely buy clothing, living on one pair of pants, one pair of shoes, and bunch of t-shirts for years at a time. but when i DO buy something, my favorite thing is a great jacket. a great jacket feels like it can come cover all the garbage underneath, including the person."