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Ugh! I thought a dns issue just screwed up the upload but it seems the image itself was corrupted. This one should work.


"Then don't eat so God damn many Doritos," I say to myself.

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I should have rent the dirt bike, the roads are too rough for a bobber 😥

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So WordPress will be automatically blocking google's browser tracking from version 5.8

Assuming people are good about updating, that will be a huge chunk of websites blocking it.


a dynamic, enthusiastic British male voice talking about "activated charcoal"

Google warned me that my Goodreads password was weak, so I changed it to a strong one.

The strong password worked on the website but not the Android app, so I changed my password to a weaker password, and now it works everywhere.

Considering that Goodreads is owned by a trillion dollar company, I would expect the authentication process to be subject to automated testing.

But maybe not! Maybe an intern was like, "I tried my password and it worked."

✅ Passed

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Few things make me as uncomfortable as on a show when someone starts to sing and it's not in the context of them being in a band or making a song or something like that.

When someone is like "you're a singer? let me hear something" I cover my ears.

This weekend ended up being pretty monumental. I reset my router and set up my entire network again. I migrated my LXD containers onto the NUC and installed all my drives in the new desktop. My plan is to use all kata containers since Clear Linux doesn't support LXD. Then I'll retire the NUC.

I finished the (Korean) series of books. I thought the Japanese translations were better, in general.

I also ordered a couple books: one translation from the Thai, and another one by an American.

It's nice when you plug everything in and it works, though part of me wonders if I should even bother with any of this stuff.

I finally started using a hardware volume control and I think it really does sound better 😅

I'm still using a software volume control on my TV for convenience, but I try to keep the software setting on the loud side.

I didn't think I would use all 8 sata ports immediately but of course I thought of jobs for all of them 😅

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Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the one and only @ThefakeMisterJay

A factory reset of my Google WiFi restored port forwarding ability. 🙌🏼

Since ports are forwarded on hardware addresses, it doesn't matter what the software address is. Neat, I guess.

Seems as though I can no longer forward ports on my router. 😅

I guess I will set it up from scratch.

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