Army of dog walkers after the Bills game.

Just as I was thinking I really need to take time off, everyone started texting me that the internet was down at the office. I figured I would just flip a breaker or something, but there was no power failure.

Even after rebooting and updating everything, 80% packet loss. I was suspicious that there was a device on the network behaving badly.

There are a lot of legacy network devices, but I was suspicious of one particular 100mbps connection in a sea of gigabit desktops.

The cable had failed 🙄

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I'm looking at switching mail providers. Thexyz, Posteo and Mailbox look good. (via

Any thoughts?

I'm quite curious about Thexyz as I'd like to support a Canadian company if possible.

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Can someone who prefers #Matrix over #XMPP please explain to me why you prefer Matrix?

Hey, hey, hey!

It's a ✨self-care✨ day!

health insurance question 

I can reduce my in-network out-of-pocket maximum by $2,750 per year by paying an extra $365 per year pre tax. My out-of-network max won't change. I'm not currently receiving any care.

This seems like a stupid question because the answer is something like, "Do you plan on being sick this year?"

At the end of enrollment, all of your information, including your social security number, is emailed to you!

Hopefully the address you entered has good encryption.

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I'm pretty sure I could spend half my life just trying to understand the differences between health insurance plans.

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The Taiwanese CDC has been leading the research efforts on the condition known as Gay Enby IBS

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FB has done to our parents what they were afraid video games would to us

someone on the QanonCasualties subreddit

Driving 1000 feet to buy a lottery ticket.

Shut up it's cold.

Answering service that talks you out of a pizza.

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many of my conversations with friends have devolved into sharing the bernie meme

I'm feeling sort of psychologically alone? 

I'm not sure how else to put it. One of the employees at the office obviously suffers from anxiety and doesn't get any support or sympathy about it from anyone here. Another employee is on vacation and nothing nice is being said about her either. And one of the attorneys is the boss' whipping boy. I'm out of the line of fire but I feel very empathetic.

And I really enjoyed Greg McKeown's book Essentialism. I can't find a single other person who read it.

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