You might think that someone who complains is having a bad time while someone who is quiet is having a good time.

It's the opposite.

Someone who complains:

* believes that what they are doing is worth complaining about
* believes that they are worthy of better circumstances
* feels a sense of agency over their environment

Someone who is quiet:

* doesn't believe what they're doing is worth complaining about
* doesn't believe they're worthy of better circumstances
* feels powerless

if you work with someone and they never push back on anything, they are probably having a really bad time.

@kai i'd modify that a little.

Complainers often feel their agency is being/was challenged. They may be in transition to silence should their agency disappear.

Similarly, the silent can be roused to complaint, when the stakes become sufficiently high.

@Tonycoyle "I just…can't…take it anymore!"

Personally I'm trying to establish boundaries and speak up more frequently on smaller issues, rather than quietly letting everything burn and then rage quitting.

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