I wish I could stop thinking about recent computer purchases. I'm not sure what lesson I could learn other than to ask the component manufacturer to recommend known-compatible hardware next time.

I spent a lot of money but I'm not broke. Why do I have this nagging feeling like I was a bad boy?

@kai what hardware? & what issue are/were you having?

@zer0her0 my beloved Lynx sound cards seem to be incompatible with ASRock mainboards.

Now I have an old Dell T3500 just for making music.

@zer0her0 yeah; it's probably not worth it for anyone to diagnose. But maybe someone at the sound studio knows someone who has an ASRock mainboard that they could test with, and the problem could reveal some sort of underly driver issue that is fixable with software. That's my dream 😅

Otherwise, I'll just check with Lynx to recommend known-compatible hardware for my next build, which is what I should have done the first time.

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