Okay, you know what I still don't understand? Why so many people sign up on a new social network just to post someone else's porn. I understand sex workers (though they almost never act like that), but it's just random people dumping random porn. Not even trying to sell a service or advertise something. It seems so pointless.

Let me clarify, I am talking about a random person making a brand new Mastodon account, setting a porn picture as their header and avatar and posting multiple random porn pictures without content warnings or hashtags or commentary.

@Gargron they could be building up the account to sell


@piggo @Gargron it's a profitable strategy. You post stuff people like (cats, porn, whatever) and build up a huge following. That account now has attention and is a valuable commodity.

@kai @Gargron I mean do you think someone would pay money for a mastodon account?!
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