I'm thinking about the precariousness of (looks around the #Fediverse and beyond) *all this*. I'm estimating that in under 48 hours without power, much of our food supply will be unsafe to eat. In three days, the batteries in the majority of portable electronic devices (cellular phones, tablets, smart watches, etc) will be completely discharged. By the fifth day, even most of those who were prepared will be out of resources--food, water, medicines-- and dependent on outside assistance.
@kai Nothing extreme. A few recent small outages in #PR's San Juan metro, plus some in my #SoCal hometown, plus a multi-day outage in Kansas City (both #KS and #MO). Talking with a local co-worker whose village was without power for most of a year.
We just don't think about the possibility, so we don't prepare for it.

@lnxw48a1 I want to move away from cloud services, but losing power at home would shut down my operation. Things like this make me hesitate…

@kai Maybe, but think about the huge number sites that go down whenever a storm or power outage affects Northern #VA.
@lnxw48a1 @kai Not wanting to wear to much tin-foil as a hat but doesn't a few of the TLA gov agency's have locations in northern VA?

It's that or aliens I think.
@geniusmusing Remember AOL? They had a large percentage of their network based there as well. Maybe the lizard people landed their flying saucers in Northern #VA, and that became their center of communications for the whole planet.


(NOTE: For the humor-impaired, I do not believe "reptilian" lizard people control the world or that they even exist.)
@kai AWS is what I'm referring to. US-East is in Northern Virginia, and it seems to be their most popular region by far.
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