A friend sent me a job opportunity. I started to check out the company with a little research and I'm finding it hard not to be judgemental. This compassion stuff is hard.

The bright, beardy hipsters running a startup with pictures of them pushing their fixie bikes into the elevator, drinking micro brews and their Macbooks sticking out of their leather trim messenger bags just seems pretentious.

Damn it. I need to meditate. I definitely lost my compassion.

To be honest, I think that we've seen so many companies the last 10 years pop up with amazing, forward facing marketing campaigns fail. They put everything into creating image and nothing behind the hype. Making it worse, not only do people buy this, but VC funds as well.

Maybe in this current job opportunity my skepticism is misplaced, but this shine makes me feel gross.

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This strategy of advertise first, work second thing is the same one employed by the large companies. After they get caught doing something they spend billions advertising to change their image and send a few hundred thousand dollars to causes. "As the world's largest oil company we care about the environment. That's why we give to the World Wildlife Fund."

I guess what I'm saying is Fuck Marketing.

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@sikkdays even if you have a well established industry and product, it's still "pay to play"

you can spend more money to make *even more* money, so people do

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