KDE looks really pretty but never really feels right aesthetically to use, for me.


KDE sort of feels like a "Microsoft" style Linux UX, where as Gnome reads as a bit more Apple-y to me.

@kai That could be it. I came from #Win95 to #SuSE, then #Red_Hat (this was before the #RHEL / #Fedora split), #Caldera OpenLinux, Fedora, #WinXP, #LinuxMint and others. Over the years, whenever I use a #GNOME based system, I'm soon dissatisfied, but #KDE mostly looks and works the way I expect.
I'm not saying everyone will (or should) like it.

@lnxw48a1 My first computer ran Windows 95 as well. My first distro was Slackware! Which seems a little crazy thinking back on it. I never got X working. I had a friend who loved SuSE. RedHat was the first time I got X working and it was awesome. I went through Mint and Crunchbang phases, and then settled into Debian for a long time. On the side I play with Minix and the BSDs.

Lately, Ubuntu has been killing it, though I'm increasingly intrigued with Alpine.

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