@kai How about they stop using a private entity to publish public intellectual property?
@kai they pay me my salary and I will maintain that instance.
@kai nm I just remembered how annoying it is to respond to FOIA requests.

@JoYo I think it's the right thing to do, and certainly well within the federal budget. But I don't think any US court is ready to make a decision like that.

It sounds like a European thing to do.

@dsrudmann @kai @Gargron Muting her would get in the way of harassing her.
This whole lawsuit is based on a similar one against Trump. The courts said Trump had to unblock everyone from his personal account because he spouted so many policy opinions on there that it had the same or more content that should have been on the official account. The lawsuit against AOC is saying she's doing the same thing so she should have to unblock everybody as well.

@trebach @kai @Gargron I was unclear; I can’t imagine a court ruling that declares that a politician has to unmute accounts.

@kai She should be sued for being an unAmerican Commie!

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