Yesterday, I ate an entire bag of chips πŸ˜…

Today I went to buy more but they were sold out.

This lets me build a narrative like, "they're obviously addictive; it's not just me…"

@mrjunge ummmm no this is bad I was regretting it the entire day

It was one day that you ate an entire bag of chips. You're thinking about how bad that was. You feel guilty. You think you'd feel better if you ate some chips.

@mrjunge hilarious and probably unfortunately true πŸ˜…

@kai yes definitely.

I bought a small bag of chips the other day while out shopping and my friend, who was trying to get me to go on a costco run, pointed out that I could get a huge sack at costco for probably cheaper. Which yeah, that's true, and that's bad. Because then I would eat *that* entire bag in one sitting, as opposed to the tiny one I just bought!

@allan I agree, but I don't just mean chips in general, but specifically utz ripple bbq. There were plenty of utz bbq and utz ripple left. πŸ€”

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