I keep thinking about this episode of Nocturne podcast where a woman walks alone through the woods at night.

After that, she sleeps soundly in her bed. The noises in the house at night no longer bother her.

Maybe I should go live in a war zone or something. Then I'll come back to my boring job and feel like, "this is great!"

@kai I remember listening to Nocturne and an episode on going for walks at night and alone ages ago. I made a point of doing so and it was an experience. It is also pretty magical to hang out by a campfire all alone with nobody around for miles, at night.

I think it was pretty life changing, for me.

@allan life changing!? wow! I only started listening to Nocturne recently, but there aren't many episodes so I started at the beginning.

I used to ride my bike at night but always in civilization, so not the same kind of thrill.

I think I would be very spooked alone in the woods at night. I remember one of my college classmates said it took him a long time to get used to it, especially the sounds. It was this time of year; we were out watching the Perseids- my classmate and our mutual ex 😅

@kai I wander around the city, and even the woods down in the river valley, at night all the time, but it's very different to go out into the Woods, miles away from anything, alone in the dark.

@allan I would be spooked enough with others, let alone alone. It's spooky even driving through Fort Erie, Ontario at night. Sometimes I don't even see another car on the highway and I have no cell phone service. Lots of fog. If anything ever happened, it would be a very long dark walk.

@kai I do a fair bit of highway driving in rural Alberta where there are no other cars for hours and spotty cell service. It can feel very desolate, especially during the winter.

The magic of doing it alone is facing that primal fear of the dark and moving through it. You don't come back the same person. Assuming, of course, that you don't get mauled by a bear or something.

@allan I slept with a light on through childhood and sometimes wouldn't sleep in my own bed even with the light. I still don't like going in my own crawl space or even the basement at work.

I suppose I would get a big thrill from overcoming my fear. I don't even like rollercoasters, though. Sometimes I wonder if I have an adrenaline allergy.

@allan @kai Drumheller is like slowly descending into the Earth, which is cool and creepy...
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