@musicman just got off the phone with Sarah! She was super friendly. She said she would get back to me Wednesday or Thursday.

We had VPN issues yesterday, but if she said Wednesday or Thursday and you didn't hear anything, I would definitely check-in.

@musicman apparently phone screens are finishing this week; Sarah probably meant this Thursday 😋

my manager has an interview today, so that's probably not good news, but we will see
last time this happened (just 3-4 months ago) they interviewed a ton of people and we kept getting all these false indications that things were getting close, so who knows.
@kai I'm looking for someone to be the region head for Northeast (CT, MA, ME, NH, NY State, RI, VT) for the Creative Commons Community Music Awards. It solely consists of picking an Artist of the Year. Do you know anyone that would be interested? We have some other regions available too, if you know people that might be interested in another region.

I haven't heard anything new about the position.
three are going to in-person interview phase.

Nik's not happy at JFrog, but I still think you should apply there, or at least talk to Nik about why he's not happy and see if his reasons seem valid to you if you're serious about getting out of Buffalo.

He's an immigrant and my personal opinion is he just isn't going to be happy here and needs to move back to Europe.

@musicman Thanks for keeping me in the loop!

I have Nik's number 😊

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