What I’m suggesting is we actually make capitalism’s goals align with ours, as human beings, as parents, as Americans. Instead of maximizing these capital efficiency measurements, we should be maximizing our own health and life expectancy, our children’s education and success rates, our mental health and freedom from substance abuse, our environmental sustainability. Then we can line up the power of the markets with how we are doing. But the markets do not care one whit about us and our children

@abs as someone who follows Yang, I can tell you that he absolutely supports single payer health care as well. 😊

@kai I also don't believe capitalism can be aligned with human interests and that it's very harmful to pretend it could be.

@kai if the goals of capitalism aligned with ours, it would no longer be capitalism

@romariorios so I suspect

Capitalism a big word used to describe a wide variety of behaviors.

I looked up if a worker owned cooperative is capitalist and the answer is apparently no.

This reads as a little strange to me because the cooperative could function effectively like a conventional business in a marketplace; it's just structured differently internally.

Suffice to say I'm apparently not prepared to have a conversation about economic policy.

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