US politics in one paragraph:

"The Senate's rural bias, where a small red state such as North Dakota wields the same power as a blue state behemoth such as California, has helped a minority party that has lost the popular vote in six out of the last seven presidential elections remain in the majority. In the impeachment trial, the 48 Senators who voted to convict represent 18 million more people than the 52 who voted to acquit."

@kai USA doesn't have representative democracy. It has representative-representative-representative democracy.

Or possibly even more opaque levels of (skewed) representatives.

@zatnosk now that Republicans have stacked the courts, the situation is sort of irreversible

@kai ugh. And why is it that politicians have power to choose the judges, again? Didn't you listen to the french philosophers?

@zatnosk apparently not (spoken in a french accent)

@kai well, if we got rid of the electoral college and senate...
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