Even with all the eyes of the world on them, US cops can't stop killing and maiming people, ramming cars into crowds, shooting at nurses and journalists, pepper spraying kids and pregnant women... Not just a few cops, not just one department, but systematically across the US. ACAB

@Gargron the United States is a representative democracy, but it doesn't represent people; it represents land. Why do you think there are two Dakotas, etc? It's all for political power. The Senate has 2 seats for each state, no matter the population. Combine this fact with how liberals tend to cluster together in cities and don't even WANT political power and you have a country ruled by a small number of conservative voters. They pick the President who then appoints the Supreme Court Justices.


@Gargron there are two legislative bodies in the US (sorry if you know this). The house of representatives: hundreds of people, passes tons of legislation, and then senate, 100 people (2 for each state).

But bills have to pass BOTH or they die.

The Senate does almost nothing. The US is ungovernable.


The US would have been much better off without the Senate, imho, even if it meant mob rule sometimes.

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