A fellow employee went on an anti-union rant yesterday because an employee at her boyfriend's plant is using his state-paid family leave to attend every home football game.

She believes that if people like him didn't abuse the system, her taxes would be lower, and her quality of life would improve.

She said the state should enforce how the time off is used.

I said that enforcement would cost even more tax dollars (nevermind that, in hindsight, this seems rather draconian).

I expressed my desire for everyone to have *more* time off, but she asked, who is going to pay for it? I said that there is enough value to pay for it, but she was not convinced.

Her line of thinking seems clear: If she could just pay less in taxes, she would have more money at her disposal, and her quality of life would be better.

The spirit of "paid family leave" is that one parent stays home with the baby…so that the other parent can work.

It's all a very work-centric, money-centric world.

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My thinking is more like this: everyone is miserable because everyone is stressed out because everyone is working too much. If everyone had more time off, everyone would be happier and healthier.

But my brain doesn't go fast enough to have a conversation about this. I need to stop and think about what I think.

And as long as people like my fellow employee are voting, our quality of life will probably continue to decline.

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