@amandag I just want to mention that tempered keyalities really do have different characters…

@kai idk what tempered keyalities means. i can read sheet music, that's about as far as my music theory works

@amandag if you listen to a demo, you might not find the descriptions unreasonable. I'll see what I can find later.

@kai oh so you just mean "different keys having certain vibes is definitely a thing"

@amandag you put it much more succinctly 🙏🏼

@kai @amandag I came here to say this. In 1682 they probably weren’t using equal temperament tuning in Europe, so in (say) D major, maybe the tonic chord doesn’t have a perfect 3:2 ratio and you get an unpleasant beat.

(Tagging myself G, because it doesn’t matter if I’m major or minor.)

@kai @amandag Wikipedia link to the Wolf Interval I alluded to in my previous toot. Quite technical but listen to the two audio clips at the end of the article.

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