Do you put stickers on your computer case?


Well of course! That's what the blank sides are for!

@MutoShack My CPU cooler came with a sticker. I'm trying to decide if I should put it on 😋

@kai do it!

they gave you that sticker for a reason. it's gotta go /somewhere/! :meowSipGlare:

@kai my old PC case had a line of CPU stickers from all the generations of hardware that went into it

the newer one only has a tiny pcpartspicker sticker because I can't remember where I put my ryzen sticker

@kai Just one. "This machine is never obsolete"


Other: I bought a used laptop to save money, and it already had stickers on it, which I was too lazy to bother peeling off.

@kai Never really have before, but I sometimes imagine doing it. I think I'd use a large clear sticker as the base layer so I can take them all off at once at a later date, then maybe stick them in a frame and note what year(s) they were from. I definitely wouldn't overlap stickers the way some people do. I'd approach it like a tiling window manager.
Actually, I had a laptop lid in mind just now. I did stick a ThinkGeek (it was a monkey head) and a What.CD sticker on the side of an old desktop case once. I can't remember what came over me.
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