I guess I'm doing to do things The Docker Way because I can't seem to get Plex set up in a container of my own design.

The Docker Way is pretty easy. You just pull the image you want, run it with whatever settings, and there's no step three.

I don't know if Docker is like this everywhere, but on Clear Linux, you can specify the kata runtime so that each container has its own kvm.

How fancy.

@kai dont really watch a whole lot on my phone. Just find the screen to be to small

@JarlavGrenlandUpir mine is 80GB; I guess I could do that, but I want to save room for podcasts and stuff

@JarlavGrenlandUpir I think often about just getting a subscription and not managing my own library, but it's already set up and the marginal cost of continuing it is small.

It's just the greater mental cost of maintaining all this infrastructure for myself 😅

@kai understandable, I rearly change things in my playlist so I don't buy a lot of albums, but I calculated the cost that it would cheaper to just buy a digital copy then to mess around with a streaming subscription, that may or may not have all the songs and hi-fi support. I could stream from jellyfin, but haven't really done anything.

@JarlavGrenlandUpir Right, I can easily buy 1 hifi album per month from Tidal and still spend less than streaming (plus the marginal cost of infrastructure). So it makes sense to keep doing what I'm doing, for now. But if I "end up in Bangkok" then I don't know. 😂

@kai haha, I would maybe try out Gelli if I wanna stream my music, but data sims are quite cheap in Thailand

Have you tried Proxmox? I'm personally not a big fan of Docker due to some design flaws.

@Pixdigit I really like LXD, but Docker runs on Clear Linux and I 💙 :clearlinux:

I also feel like I should have some experience with Docker since it's so prevalent, but yes it's 10 million LOC and probably not a masterpiece 😂

And my one friend is really into Xen.

@kai I mean it's just my personal opinion but from creating images to sysadmin Docker has been nothing but a pain in the ass to work with. Besides the glaring security issues (and centralisation) around Dockerhub.

@Pixdigit most of my containers are still on LXD so if I don't like Docker that much then I just won't switch 🤷🏼‍♂️

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