This makes me think I really do need to flesh out my idea for an alternate web.

The "browser" would not be a do-anything virtual machine; it would only render a fixed set of pre-defined objects and events. It would only allow for handful of common activities: media consumption, social media, shopping. You might call it the API-fication of the web.

If my idea became really popular, it would absolutely crush innovation, but the benefits would be usability/readability.

@kai Gemini++ then?

The problem is, as much as I love this idea and would love to see you or someone build it for the sake of it existing, The Money Powers That Be would blatantly reject and actively do all they can to kill it, because it wouldn't enable the creepware du jour the industry expects :\


@klardotsh Even if it were successful, there's nothing to stop Google or any company from releasing a really nice client that brings some unwanted features, but everyone adopts it because it's really nice…😋

But that's how it goes.

My goal would be to make it as backward as possible with existing tech, including writing a client in JS, so a site that wants to use the "API" could just load the browser, and the end user might not even know they're using it. 😋

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