At 13:13 into the video, he mumbles:

"W-what I'm trying... I have a solve this... err... implement rigorously is this sort of 5 step process:

1. Your requirements are definitely dumb: everyone's wrong, no matter who they are [...] So try to make your requirements less dumb."

#spacex #starship

2. Then, try to delete the part or process.

The bias tends to be very strongly in favor of adding parts in case we need them... but you can basically make "in case" arguments for so many things! [...]

So, you gotta delete the parts or process steps that you don't need.

#spacex #starship

3. Whatever requirement or constraint you have, it must come with a name, not a department. Because you can't ask the departments, you have to ask a person

[...] otherwise you could have a requirement that basically an intern 2 years ago randomly came up with off the cuff... and they're not even at the company any more... but it came from the, let's say, Air Flow Department!

#spacex #starship

@codewiz I believe he says Aeronautics Department 😋

it's windy and he is dancing around

@kai Then help me discern what he says at 21:50 (I don't think the subtitles are capturing it correctly).


@codewiz I think he says, you can always make things go faster

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