My Nokia 6 doesn't like the newer wifi standards, and since I only use it occasionally and it's the only device in this category, I figured I'd use an old wifi router and only turn it on when I want to service this one device.

I was so excited to finally set up a /30 (only 2 hosts-the router and the phone), but since I used a desktop to configure the router and didn't want to set the DHCP lease time too short, the desktop got the one lease, so I settled for a /29 (6 hosts).

Feels really fast.🤔

I didn't ask to be like this 

I reserve my other 2.4Ghz radio for all the IOT stuff, leaving the 5Ghz radio for usually just a device or two at a time, so I don't know why the old 2.4ghz radio with one old device would feel so high performance in comparison. Maybe lighter encryption?

Also, being a huge nerd, the SSID is Vietnam, the router hostname is sgn, and the address scheme is 10.49.8. (Northerly coordinates of Ho Chi Minh City Airport)

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