Someone realized you could, like, sell some books.

"What if we made them really nice?" — some intern at the publisher

@falcon I think I see a future gift or two among them

@duckus it's supposed to be a commentary on the dysfunction that seems typical of large organizations…

@kai that's pretty nice but I like that concept where the cover design is see designed more directly to match the contents, like the Gollancz Future Classic series for example:

Had all of those except Altered Carbon before having to empty my library for a move. Some of them had pretty fancy materials, like the Evolution being slightly fuzzy.

@bkhl they are nice covers, but the gold-trimmed pages really stood out in a room full of news print.

How long have you been living in Bangkok?

@kai seven years but just moved back to Sweden. I guess I should update some personal info somewhere around here.

@bkhl wow! I'd love to know more about your experience.

@bkhl how did Thailand get on your radar?

@kai it was by chance, got offered a move within the software company I was (and still am) working for.

@bkhl wow! What brought you back to Sweden?

@kai a combination of switching career track a bit to let me do more programming, and it being a more secure place for the future. I got married to a Thai citizen while there, and permanent residency or citizenship is a lot less achievable for me there than vice versa. It's still painful though, we're separated now while waiting for her to get a residency permit, with no idea of how long it will take.

@bkhl wow! Those are some big changes! I hope it goes well.

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