Had my Pioneer tape deck with the lid screws removed next to my desk for months because it had been acting up from time to time. I thought I had fixed everything so put it back together and placed it back on my stereo shelf. First tape I played afterwards got eaten by the pickup capstan. Great.

Maybe I should use the shitty Type 1 tapes I got recently as test subjects to learn how to splice tapes better, my splices sound like shit.

@brunoph I think the goal is to splice immediately after a loud sound (like a drum hit). Then your brain forgets about the error, or so the theory goes.

@kai Right, but for some reason I get dropouts a few seconds before and after the splice, so I can tell it is coming. And the dropouts remain there even after I record over, so it’s damage to the tape (caused by folding and touching, I guess). Maybe cassette tapes are just too fragile.


@brunoph hmm. It's not something I've ever done lol

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