Today I am sitting on my desk with a pen and a notepad next to me and writing down everything I do and the time it takes me, so I can understand why I keep reaching the end of the day and not move forward with what I had planned for the day.

@hugo You're welcome! He has a podcast too Greg and his guests are all chasing the same ideal in slightly different ways; perhaps one of them resonates with you better than the rest.

The best thing about the podcast is how carefully Greg listens to his guests. He never argues with them even when they're in apparent opposition; he just tries to understand where they're coming from.

@kai Need to check it out. Never heard about him.


@hugo I don't know a single other person who knows. I gave my copy to a friend and it didn't really resonate with him. He has his own battles I guess. For me this book was the right thing at the right time.

@kai I am going for a walk now and will listen to the podcast to see if I like the vibe :)

@kai I need to listen more or read a chapter of the book to know how I feel about it. But thanks for bringing it to my attention.

@hugo Sure! The feeling of not getting everything done is universal.

It stands to reason that you must be more strategic about *what* you wish to accomplish. When you can't do more, you have to do less.

Take some time off (probably the last thing you want to do!) to rest and strategize about how to proceed most effectively.

Once you are at peace with the path forward, you will be free to commit yourself fully to accomplishing your highest purpose.

That would be the way of the essentialist.

@kai Right now I am not really extra stressed or something. I actually feel the opposite, that is why I was wondering why I am not more done. Something is stealing my time :) that's what I am attempting to find out.

@hugo I'll be curious to know what you find out

@hugo it's a bit selfish since I would like to be surrounded by essentialists 😋

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