Has anyone tried hosting multiple Pleroma instances on a single VPS?

Nginx can handle multiple websites and Postgres can handle multiple databases, so the only question is regarding itself.

I wonder if you could do it with chroot.

@kai Never tried but reading the configuration file, I see that you can configure the name of the database, the TCP port, etc, so it should work.

@kai sure I did. no need for chroot, just put it into a different directory, change the port in the config, modify the service file and you should be good to go


Should be no problem, I think you can change which port it listens on.

Not tried but would use docker with a nginx Reverse Proxy and pleroma Containers
I suppose you could run virtualization on the VPS itself but at that point why not just get another VPS 🤣

@mitchconner that was my plan, but I think Clear Linux's performance enhancements make it a target of some sort of VPS watchdog service.

Your VPS is running Clear Linux? *Laughs in AMD*

@mitchconner I believe the 64 bit architecture is licensed from AMD 😋

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