In the past month I got into a new relationship with a woman who seems weirdly perfect for me and who I will likely marry and have children with. We'll likely be at least engaged in a year's time. She's sweet, funny, smart, and, I admit, really frickin' gorgeous.

Prior to starting to date we also arranged for me to move in with her at the end of July, and we're keeping those plans. We're both quite excited about it. We have spent lots of time at each other's places and around each other's family and friends, and we feel like we'll get along well when living together.

Everyone in our lives who have met us both have remarked on that we seem like a good match and that they like and enjoy being with us both. :)

@bthall why did you arrange to move in before dating?

@bthall I guess I should start with congratulations and all that but it just stood out as really strange

😂 it's all good. We were originally talking as new friends and she needed to get a new roommate come August and I was interested in moving out of my own place because my lease would be up and the rent amount was going to hike up. Huge cost savings to me but way of moving in with her. :)

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