Firstly: it is 2022. Why does Firefox still force a restart after an update?

Secondly: Since when were those delivered by Mozilla themselves and no longer through apt/dpkg? This is the third time I had to restart Firefox at the most inconvenient time.

@Pixdigit firefox not only updates itself but puts itself on the beta channel with no easy way to switch back

@kai yeah I would have nothing against some beta-testing but not if it isn't clearly communicated with an easy way to turn it off or having it as opt-in only.

But yeah I already opted out


@Pixdigit the only way I got back on the stable channel is editing .firefox/defaults/pref/channel-prefs.js and replacing beta with release, then waiting for stable releases to catch up with the beta I was on

@kai last time I checked you could opt-out with an about:config setting, lemme check.

@Pixdigit oh there it is,

live and learn I guess

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