I thought of an investment strategy: buy one reasonably-priced ETF share each week. Every two years, I'll have 100 or so more shares.

After 20 years, I shouldn't have to put more money in the account; I should just be able to buy shares with dividends.

To me, this is better than just automatically reinvesting the dividends; the whole point is to give me the opportunity to buy things without filling up my house with even more stuff.

@kai This is really inefficient because of order fees.

@kai I don't know, if I have money to spare I usually do it in a lump sum.

@Gargron when I look at the account statements, the money seems to go in and out of so many accounts that it seems impossible to make sense of it. The robo investors are even worse. 😅

@gargron @kai Some brokers have cheap fees, Bux Zero even has the option of no order fee at all if you don't mind waiting for the end of the day

@jkb @Gargron Vanguard always shows the commission as "free"; is there an order fee hidden in there somewhere?

@kai @gargron I'm not sure, maybe they mean no proportional commission but only a fixed fee

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