Now would be a great time to check your follow requests. 😅

@elias loool well your server just doesn't work with Pleroma 😅 and neither does @adidal's 🤔

otherwise there are two *clears throat* people who have not accepted my follow requests and even though I'm 99% sure it's just inattention, part of me fears that one or both of them are like, "enough with this guy!", and it's not something I"m really comfortable confronting people about directly

@kai it's weird cuz my serve says ur following me already

@adidal I can't get anything to come up 😅 I will have to look at the logs

@kai purhaps I shouldn't have just idk nuked mastodon and setup a new pleromq instance out of nowhere

@adidal but, that's basically what I'm doing 😂 they should be able to see each other!

@elias well, I have an idea about how to stay in touch. Are you able to communicate with @adidal ?

@elias @adidal cool. well maybe I will set up a GTS instance then

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