Hey Mastodon! What's the last CD you bought? (not album or music, I mean actual CD)

@robotsneedhugs Moonfall - Empty Cage
It's a small band from New York. The pre-order package I got was $18, shipping costs were $22.

Someone, please, stop me from using my money irresponsibly.

@Jellal @robotsneedhugs buying recordings is responsible use of money

@kai @Jellal Since I always listen to music when I work, I view buying music as, like, a creativity/focus investment.

Of course, I already have a ton of music, so getting more still isn't the most rational thing, but it helps me convince myself at least.

@robotsneedhugs @kai Hahaha. Do what you gotta do to rationalize it, huh.

Only it isn't an option for me, because I have trouble concentrating with music on. (Except, for some reason, when the clock tower is playing songs. It always does this while I'm making an exam and I only notice after like, 10 mins maybe??? idk)


@Jellal @robotsneedhugs last night I heard a great band from Phoenix. There were maybe 30 people at the show, probably 10 from other bands. So 20 people x $5/person means that your band made $100 for the night. What does that get you? Gas to the next gig and a meal, maybe? That's why I go out of my way to pay extra for recordings.

@kai @robotsneedhugs yeah, i always try to buy music when i can, especially smaller bands' music!! plus i love having cds

@Jellal @robotsneedhugs I prefer digital stuff at this point just because I own enough things 😅 though I'll buy vinyl if I like the album artwork 🕺🏼

@kai @robotsneedhugs I'm still oldschool though.XD I own an actual CD player that I actually use.

@Jellal @robotsneedhugs what I like about CD players is that they tend to be very reliable so even if your OS is in the middle of an upgrade or whatever, you can still listen.

I also think it's romantic to put the CD in.

I remember making up a play with my cousin when we were younger (heh) where one of the characters would don white gloves before placing a CD in the tray.

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