@lnxw48a1 Walt, have you tried to use any of the #BSD distros? I'm curious about it, but I'm likely not technical enough to deal with it. 😅 ( #LinuxMint user, here. #Linux )

@bthall In the late #1990s and early #2000s, the #FreeBSD install process was only a little bit more difficult than the #Red_Hat / #Fedora process was.

Since then, nearly every #Linux distro has gotten way easier to install and I haven't kept track of #BSD installation processes (but for example, #ArchLinux and #NetBSD were both more difficult than average, while #Gentoo is easy, but very long).

@lnxw48a1 @bthall I was going to ask what happened to PC-BSD. Rebranded, apparently.

I think even OpenBSD is easy to install, so long as you are going with the defaults.

ZFS root is cool though.

DragonflyBSD has HAMMER which is pretty cool.

@kai @bthall As far as I know, I've never installed #OpenBSD. Now that I have a few !rpi devices waiting for me at home, I should see whether any #BSD operating systems have ports to that platform.

@lnxw48a1 @bthall there's nothing hard about installing BSDs. Just answer the questions.

The only tricky part would be partitioning and dealing with pre-existing data; I highly suggest having an entire drive dedicated to whatever OS you are installing. If this isn't possible, you could always play in a virtual machine.


@bthall @lnxw48a1 my understanding of the BSDs:

FreeBSD = speed
OpenBSD = security
NetBSD = portability
DragonflyBSD = scalability

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