international politics 

Since I haven't seen this mentioned on Mastodon:

"China's largely ceremonial parliament opens its annual session Monday, with delegates poised to endorse controversial measures that will allow the country's leader Xi Jinping to rule indefinitely."

international politics 

@kai been a drama time

but then, what do you want to do about it. I remember hearing Tariq Ali, well, before he went bit off rails with his extreme centre stuff, saying there is actually quite a fair deal of democracy (certain kind of democracy) inside of china in that the party itself is quite diverse and represent various parts of the Chinese society, which seemed a reasonable thing to say

maybe not anymore, i don't know

international politics 

@pony I don't know either.

But during the Obama's administration, a common complaint by opponents was that he would remove term limits and make himself president for life. That always sounded very silly to me, so it's strange to see someone actually doing it.

My only thought of China is that it would be so vast that it would be possible to evade, in certain ways, the president's power…

international politics 

@kai no country is more vast than Russia, yet you either go with the ruling mobsters or lie dead on the sidewalk near Kremlin :)

but at least it shows that having a diverse party is not democratic enough, because it's probably quite easy to take over a party

international politics 

@pony it seems like a strange trend. anachronistic

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