I love seeing these Nippon-Sharyo DMUs in North America.

This used to be where you would pick up hookers πŸ˜‹ now it's all cleaned up

I would have thought these windows wouldn't open…apparently, they do.

Being a tourist in my own city

Find the 🐦

It's too cold at Pride for anyone to dress, um, "appropriately." πŸ˜‘

The rain is kind of pretty. I feel like I'm in an anime.

Here's another city home with a "front yard." I suppose you might work on your bike, or do yoga, or a small child could play with a toy on this grass.

But unlike the lovely private garden of a Kyo-machia, this is a public, roadside space. Even if it were landscaped as a garden, it wouldn't lend itself to quiet contemplation.

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