This hotel is new enough to have USB-C in the wall.

Why let the browser determine the page layout? I'm sure professional designers can do a better job.



Christopher Rand: "Old Man River"

I'm finally outside to read but the sun has nearly chased me off of the deck.

food, dairy 

It's back after 30 years!

I can't remember why I came to this location one day, but I started reading a book here and now I associate the mood of it with this spot.

There are many urban ideals exemplified in this neighborhood: two story buildings, closely built multi family homes, and no parking lots.

These were legal for a long time, illegal for a long time, and now legal again under the "green code."

The roads are overly broad, but at least the sidewalks are broad as well.

insect death 

This is the neighbor's car.

Last night going to the gym, it sounded like it was raining. 😳


Look who is back on Jeopardy!

This stud 🤤

Gutter cat, gutter cat 🎵
What are they feeding you? 🎵

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