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Kaito @kai@ajin.la

Piano, bass, and drums: original pop tunes at Pausa tonight by The Everythingness


A little shoveling never hurt anyone, I guess…

current anti-procrastination mirror message

Feeling like a dork with all my toys out at the cafe

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Now I feel like a FRIGGIN MANIAC comparing EXTREME CLOSE-UPS of my old and new monitors. But the new one definitely seems to have more distinctive dark space between pixels.

Anyone know if this is within expected tolerances?

"Hewwo mom said it’s my tuwn to pway the Xbox" t.co/3BbpJI6eFM

Finally got cables made up with the really nice Canare F16 plugs which is what I meant to get originally but I ordered the wrong ones ten years ago 😂

Bicycles: great transportation for all weather conditions.

Story: instagram.com/_liamstone_/

It's just money, right?

Painting an entire room is a chore. Just touching up a few spots is…kinda fun 😊

Tonight's project: painting this patch