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I'm not sure what kind of clouds these are, but they look cool.

Today I retired the fax server from the old office.

I never wanted to update it because I was afraid things would break. Hylafax was very tricky to configure.

I had it in the back of my mind that I should probably replace it eventually, but the business was sold before that could happen.

The power was very stable at the old office, as was 32-bit Debian, so I got an impressive uptime.

I brought it home to run SerenityOS or Minix. It's i686.

Miyazaki's directoral debut 4k restoration on the big screen! And it's the sidewalk chalk art festival. 😊

This hotel is new enough to have USB-C in the wall.

Why let the browser determine the page layout? I'm sure professional designers can do a better job.



Christopher Rand: "Old Man River"

Hey hey hey! It's an election day! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²

I'm finally outside to read but the sun has nearly chased me off of the deck.

food, dairy 

It's back after 30 years!

I can't remember why I came to this location one day, but I started reading a book here and now I associate the mood of it with this spot.

There are many urban ideals exemplified in this neighborhood: two story buildings, closely built multi family homes, and no parking lots.

These were legal for a long time, illegal for a long time, and now legal again under the "green code."

The roads are overly broad, but at least the sidewalks are broad as well.

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