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@SlightDashOfColour @Gargron there's nothing to stop anyone from going to the instance of their choice and making an account, or hosting their own, and also I see no reason why virt servers need to be a single point of failure.

I'm just trying to think of ways to make onboarding easier.

Everyone can calm down. I'm in no position to implement my ideas, and even if I were, there would be no obligation for anyone to use it.

@mhu2141ai it solves other onboarding problems though πŸ˜‰

@mhu2141ai no need to apologize; I'm no social media philosopher or anything.

I just remember a reddit april fools' day where you got placed in a chatroom with one other person and then the rooms got joined so it was 4 people and that kept happening and you could vote when to stop growing the community. It was really interesting. I think a similar experiment would be interesting with activitypub.

@tom I really wanted a breath controller when I was little

@mhu2141ai @Gargron yes, centralization is a point of concern. Maybe the new auto-generated instances could expire and force people elsewhere after a time limit.

My concern is that the onboarding process is simply too arduous for all but elite or highly motivated people.

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@Gargron I think instance selection is a huge roadblock.

Keep laughing, but: dynamically generated instances as a default sign up, including a dynamically generated cute name and logo. Once the person count hits Dunbar's number, a new instance automatically spins up.

Pooling new people together gives them the opportunity to meet each other and create their own culture.

Of course this would just be a default option for someone who doesn't already have a specific instance in mind.

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@LeastPopularGhost I agree! The way it fits into the snare and…oh, were you talking about a soccer game? I was talking about a bass drum πŸ˜‹

@masklayer all the sugar your body needs

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When I'm feeling depressed, reading Bae Suah seems exquisite. When I'm not, it seems crushing.