My boyfriend then announced that he had to leave. They all hugged each other goodbye.

After this elite display of socialization skills, the masseur used the piece of paper to write a list of names of people to be on his "team" (the context of which I was unable to determine). All this, even though he and everyone else had their phones out in front of them.

I may not technically be on the spectrum, but I can't imagine being able to pull off what I can describe as a sophisticated performance.

The masseur asked my boyfriend for a piece of paper. My boyfriend dug a moleskine out of his bag, tore out a page, and handed it over. While this was going on, the masseur asked my boyfriend about the book he was reading, enthusiastically questioning the title out loud, and they seemed to become fast friends. Then the masseur introduced his friend to my boyfriend, and they all talked and laughed.

… was this all a ruse to start a conversation? If so, it was damn impressive.

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🎂 😀 Feliz aniversário pra mim! 27 anos! Aeeeeee! 😀 🎂

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@alex the best laid plans of mice and men…

I was surprised this music video only had 500 million views. Then I realized that most people who liked the song probably bought it on CD 😅 so the number is actually quite impressive.

Peaking at #4 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1991, Losing My Religion continued charting in other countries in the 2010s.

@Xyc0 this isn't your first Chromebook?

@Xyc0 er, nothing really, but mastodon is a progressive webapp, so you can make a nice shortcut for it

@Xyc0 install it and you'll get a nice web app in your launch bar

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Controversially, three houses were demolished to accommodate this pizzeria's expansion.

I'm glad to see it's a huge success!

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I like the four main features for Aether. Has anybody here tried it?
"Free, privacy-sensitive public communities … It keeps 6 months of posts by default. … It's peer-to-peer, and it has no servers. … private by default, so that you can choose to be fully private, or fully public yourself. … Actions of moderators are visible to users. Everyone watches the watchmen. … Communities can elect and impeach their own mods by voting."

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Raining too hard to run, soo I might work on my bike a little bit.

WHo am I kidding, i'm going to refresh social media feeds and watch youtube

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