@brandon basically the system controls almost everything. So you can go backwards and forwards adding/removing updates while keeping your configuration, or hose your config but keep the system the same.

It's faaaancaaay

@amaral :oof: wait I was just not recognizing you because of your new avatar πŸ˜‚ sorry lol

@dthompson it's limited edition because they're gonna run out of plants

At the end of enrollment, all of your information, including your social security number, is emailed to you!

Hopefully the address you entered has good encryption.

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I'm pretty sure I could spend half my life just trying to understand the differences between health insurance plans.

@brandon oh it's for work lol

I was thinking like how many installs are you doing lol

@brandon why do you need to build your own iso?

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The Taiwanese CDC has been leading the research efforts on the condition known as Gay Enby IBS

@brandon I just watched a video. Looks really nice.

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FB has done to our parents what they were afraid video games would to us

someone on the QanonCasualties subreddit

seeking book recommendations, boosts welcome 

@romainelaprophetesse are you looking for works translated into English?

@codewiz probably New York State testing anti cheating rules.

I think you should be able to test people on math concepts without a calculator.

@MutoShack I was thinking of setting up a google voice number lol

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