@mrjunge isn't that like using multiple exclamation points?

@mrjunge too busy for the likes of you, apparently 🙄

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@mrjunge "I forgive you, child. Two swipes right and a swipe left"

@dthompson I didn't know what those were called; now I do!

@klardotsh sometimes I think about limiting my own internet access just to improve my quality of life.

When construction knocked out my connection for a week, I missed streaming media more than anything.

I could plan ahead by downloading the episodes I wanted while at the office, but even that starts to quickly seem like more trouble than it's worth.

I worry about other stuff like downloading a buggy OS upstate, and not being able to fix it until I get back to the library for another update.

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@codewiz "bootloader!? My computer boots to a prompt, and I write my own in assembler each time…"

I put clothes out for myself for tomorrow morning like a little kid 😅

@codewiz can't you just take a snapshot and pick it?

After reading a magnificent book of Thai stories, I finally got to the last, and longest, and liked it the least. Maybe it was the male author writing apparently less believably about a female protagonist. Maybe a longer story just gives you more room to screw up. Maybe I'm just so sympathetic to male leads that anything else falls flat. Or maybe it was just a dud. 🤷🏼‍♂️

@codewiz ah, /tmp does share some ~8G filesystem with some other stuff and is not persistent across reboots.


@klardotsh I know this probably sounds weird but I haven't had any problems with btrfs; just this one bug which isn't a big deal. btrfs still seems like the best overall choice right now.

@klardotsh sometimes I wonder if I wouldn't be better off with any old filesystem and something like en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parchive to verify data integrity.

I have old CD rips with audible errors, so I want to avoid that going forward. I just don't know at what point the errors were introduced: sitting on failing disks? Being transferred from one place to another? btrfs should save me from trouble in either of these situations, though there is a lot of development going on with filesystems these days

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