I love seeing these Nippon-Sharyo DMUs in North America.

It's weird how when I'm home I want to go away, but once I'm away I want to go back home πŸ€”

@JoYo it's JBOIG (just a bunch of Instagram models)

@alex eh at least it's something πŸ˜…

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introducing: fedi_ephemerator!

this is a simple little commandline tool to expire old posts on a mastodon-api server, including glitchsoc and pleroma. it builds and runs on unix and windows, and probably macos too.

the authors use it on their own personal accounts.

project website: https://projects.chimerae.org/fedi_ephemerator

authors: @chimericalgirls

thank you for reading!

I went on Grindr and it's stupid

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