@sikkdays salt + chocolate is a good combo…

@mrjunge I feel like I'm in the micro version of this with my computer situation πŸ˜… the new hardware is on the way and I don't even know if everything will work. But I'm trying to enjoy the journey and I hope you can do the same πŸ€“

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My biggest frustration is that I feel tired after work. I guess I should try the beet root extract my parents are always taking that they say gives them energy.

@snipejaeg I have different youtube accounts that are mostly themed. This helps me avoid playlists. I never got into asmr.

I love how Duncan has his hands on his friends' legs. I'm into this πŸ˜… pbs.twimg.com/media/DupPBLcWoA (and I'm gay but Aimee is really pretty, too)

These people who have youtube set to tweet when they add a video to a playlist πŸ˜… I would feel so watched

@operand I was arguing in your favor πŸ˜… this paper will help you get through a class, but LaTeX skills last a lifetime πŸ˜‰

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This Monday was my first day at my new position at Blinkist in Berlin, as an iOS engineer. I was given a very warm welcome and had a blast. I’m super hyped! 😊

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