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@angristan I moved to Linux on my desktop after using it only on and off for years.

I went back to Windows 8 months later for various reasons (multiple monitors etc) only find that my favorite open source apps were buggy and weird on Windows.

So I'm back on Linux. I've dedicated my second monitor to an NVidia Shield TV (technically also Linux). But here we are - the sort of sacrifices one makes to deal with software that no one gets paid to fix.

@Triplefox I can of course refer you to my own sources: a series of podcast interviews about Japan by my favorite journalist Colin Marshall


@masklayer how how! (Barking in Spanish)

@Triplefox Pico Iyer's "the lady and the monk: four seasons in Kyoto" isn't 'about' Kyoto per se; it's very personal, but he's a brilliant writer. (And orator and interviewee, if you aren't much of a reader).

@Triplefox I'm reading John Dougill's Kyoto book. Do you read Pico Iyer?

@chosafine I have a lot of issues with how math is taught

@Triplefox I think the hallmark of religion is that someone believes things which don't make sense (i.e., God is simultaneously a Trinity and a Unity) and Western culture is full of this (i.e., preaching non violence to children while waging war)

@klaatu @x1101 @thaj I wish I learned that lesson a long time ago 😂

@Triplefox any particular cit(y/ies)?

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@arturovm how long until @bthall get obsessed with lisp/scheme/clojure?

@pony I always get confused on the subway in Toronto because it's a U shape and if you're at the base of the U, both lines head North. The directions are only indicated by the very next stop, and the last possible stop.

I always have to think to myself, "I want to be on the west side of the city, and the trains travel on the right side of the tunnels, so I want to be on the train departing from the more northerly of the two tracks."

@pony I'd suggest google maps, but really just ask around 😂

@klaatu but if they're talking about processing audio, as an engineer, you might set your personal monitoring level to peak 89dB at your listening location.

But there's no relationship between this, determined by your volume control, and the level as fixed on media with regard to the media's dynamic range.