@brandon now that I see what you're getting it, I'm reminded of a guy who lives in Thailand. When he goes to the park with his wife and son, they each pay $1 because they are Thai, but he pays $8 because he's a westerner, even though he is married and has lived in Thailand for 20 years.

This makes him *so* angry, but his wife just says, "you go stand over there. I'll pay."

She doesn't care; she just wants to go enjoy the park with her family.

I try to conjure her calm when I'm frustrated.

@brandon I was listening to Ezra Klein talk about how technology effects our lives. I was thinking that if I spent as much time as I spend on social media reading books instead, I would probably get a lot more out of it.

The problem is that books are not designed for bite-sized consumption.

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I should have just stayed on with my old boss as "business transition specialist" or whatever, and not taken any responsibility with the new owner.

The merge is so complicated that it's *still* going on after 7 months, and integrating systems is a lot more interesting than my day job.

But I'm scared of the same thing I'm always scared of: running out of money.

Pixel 2 will be four years old in October. I'm trying to hold out for Pixel 6 which is supposed to get 5 years of support.

But the charging port on Pixel 2 is faulty and doesn't work reliably. I hope it keeps working for 2 more months. πŸ˜…


I don't eat potato chips; I "get into" them. πŸ™„

I ate way too much and didn't make it to the gym. Blah 😴

@Gargron it's a status update video about an open source project.

Suffice to say, if you made something like this, I'd watch. πŸ˜‹

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dream analysis 

Jung said there are big dreams and little dreams. Little dreams are just your mind processing day to day matters, but big dreams can offer great insights.

Last night I had the "first day of college" dream that I have had hundreds of times.

The first day of college was the beginning of a big adventure, and it was probably the last time I had such an experience.

I think my dream is telling me that I'm ready for the next big adventure.

@adidal that's not just a phone; that's an entire ecosystem…

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@greypilgrim I'm surprised they don't just keep doing their own thing. I know it's a simple matter of the balance sheet for the CEO, but as an end user, they seemed to make nice stuff.

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