A default answer of "yes" is often prescribed to help broaden relationships and opportunities.

But in a world full of everything, a default answer of "no" may be more beneficial.

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I enjoy esoteric languages, #Forth is one of them, being stack-based it is a lot of fun

Somebody sent this through on IRC and I just had to share it (the website is also awesome and fitting)



Canonical should drop Snap and finance Unity instead.

@pry Head First Data Analysis if you like Head First books

Tailscale ships with its own ssh server. So fancy! 🤓

Does anyone use a separate host for 's media proxy?

I imagine Pleroma's existing nginx config wouldn't change, and the changes mentioned here docs-develop.pleroma.social/ba would only go in the media proxy's nginx config.

The solution is probably obvious to anyone who understands how the media proxy actually works.

Sometimes writing seems really "preachy" to me and I'm not sure if it's a characteristic inherent in the writing or if it's more a feature of my state of mind.

What could be more American than BK breakfast? 😋

"We can choose to lift our heads from our smartphones and take a moment to appreciate the world around us."

You…you don't say… 

By 1996, it became clear that the name “Postgres95” would not stand the test of time. We chose a new name, PostgreSQL, to reflect the relationship between the original POSTGRES and the more recent versions with SQL capability. At the same time, we set the version numbering to start at 6.0, putting the numbers back into the sequence originally begun by the Berkeley POSTGRES project.


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I put my previously completely chrome looking moka pot that I used since years into the dishwasher for the first time. Afterwards it looked like this. What happened?

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