and for all the crap people give Apple about obsolescence, I'm installing a March 24, 2020 security update on this machine that is almost a decade old.

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I kinda like this 2010 MacBook Air 🤷🏼‍♂️

@snipejaeg a violinist bowing with their left hand would also string the instrument opposite as well

they exist but tend not to play in orchestras because visual symmetry is spoiled

they are also rare. In the grand scheme of developing musicianship, "handedness" is the least of your concerns… there is nothing natural about violin posture. It's awkward for everyone to learn.

linux migration 

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If you want to support a pleroma dev, pleroma-fe maintainer hj has a patreon account at

I'm into virgin 

@dthompson short of this, I was wondering if you had a flash drive to boot a live image? That could work to your purposes

@dthompson definitely not as straight forward but apparently not impossible

anyway in your case I'd probably just spin up a conventional virtual machine

music choices in covid times 

music choices in covid times 

unboxing thread 

music choices in covid times 

@chris this is beside your point but GnuCash changes slowly enough that I'd say it's no big deal to run a couple years behind.

Alternatively, you may be interested in or its variants.


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