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I finally started using a hardware volume control and I think it really does sound better 😅

I'm still using a software volume control on my TV for convenience, but I try to keep the software setting on the loud side.


@dthompson Sending healing vibes.

I didn't think I would use all 8 sata ports immediately but of course I thought of jobs for all of them 😅

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@brunoph sounds like you have been looking for projects lately 😋

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the one and only @ThefakeMisterJay

@Acer 😋 what situation are you in where you need to know if you are a super user?

@Acer rm -rf /

if it works, (just kidding; don't do this, it will hose your system, but I bet you already know that since you are asking)

@MutoShack I know you're sad because you had something else in mind, but I think they look really cool!

Evangelion vibes 😋

A factory reset of my Google WiFi restored port forwarding ability. 🙌🏼

Since ports are forwarded on hardware addresses, it doesn't matter what the software address is. Neat, I guess.

Seems as though I can no longer forward ports on my router. 😅

I guess I will set it up from scratch.

@Ghost "no one has thought that far ahead yet"

Seems as though Nest Wifi links port forwarding to IP address reservations.

I might just start fresh address scheme tomorrow.

I'm installing Ubuntu on my NUC and moving my containers there until I figure out what I'm doing.

*web dev team sitting around a table*

*one of them pipes up* What if, after the user signs in, the site forgets everything they entered so far?

*the team cackles menacingly, and then quickly implements the "feature"*

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