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My first computer was an Apple IIe and it seemed elaborate but not unknowable.

Anyone just starting now is stepping into a complicated world.

Even a technologically conservative operating system like NetBSD (they still use CVS!) is extraordinarily sophisticated.

it's been a while since I installed NetBSD

I remember a time when I would try to get my scroll wheel to work in X…

to just install the OS, install firefox, go on youtube and have everything work still feels really magical

wow I started reading about iptables and an hour went by really quickly

The resale prices on Wranglers are unbelievable to me.

…I remember once showing a film, maybe it was in a documentary class or something. It got over, and then they said, “Who is going to see the James Bond tonight?”

For them it is the dream of success — that’s very strong everywhere, the aim of success. Sometimes I feel that the students aren’t interested enough in what cinema is, what you’re doing with the film. It doesn’t matter whether it’s going to be shown in festival — it’s how this film is working. But it takes time…

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The Competition (Le Concours), a film about applying to the French film school Le Fémis, is finally out in the US.

I saw myself in one of the rejected applicants and it was a really powerful experience.

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Wie weit wir im Digitalabsolutismus schon "fortgeschritten" sind. Wahrscheinlich ein Bug bewirkt einen Flugzeugabsturz mit 157 Toten. So what, Bug halt fixen. Menschenleben und 1000faches Leid zählen da nicht mehr wirklich.
Aber automatische Autos, automatische Züge, automatische Busse - alles soll noch kommen.
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@kai sounds like it is succeeding2ban to me

Whomp whomp

fail2ban permanently bans about 10 new IP addresses per hour 😨

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Like a year ago or something like that I looked into #scuttlebutt #ssb and thought it was a very cool protocol. I tested #patchwork and #manyverse, liked patchwork but manyverse was very very slow and not working most of the time (even after many hours).
All of these problems are probably going to be solved in the future, but I have one more important question, regarding #pubServers:
Is there a use case where ssb works like a traditional #socialNetwork without the use of pubs?

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