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In 7 dense and fascinating minutes, Douglas Rushkoff talks about how technology disconnects us from ourselves.

My family business is such a mess. I want to quit but I have no where to go.

@snowstate your icon looks familiar but I can't recall if we've introduced ourselves

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If I was to share this thought on bookface or birbsite, it would no longer be mine. This status update and thought β„’ would be the property of the service.

That's messed up.

Thanks to @Gargron for Masto, @cwebber for #activitypub, the makers of @Tusky, and @mastohost for allowing me to keep my own thoughts.

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I got accepted for my primary choice of master's programme! Wahooo! :blobcheer:

Now I'll have to scramble to submit the remaining documents so I can hopefully get a dorm room.
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Give us a place to stand, and a place to grow, and call this land Ontario 🎡

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Hello! The name's Blu ~
Nice to meet y'all!

I see myself as a nice person; I tend to joke around and laugh at anything!

I'm a cosplayer! Cosplay is one of my main passions atm πŸ’•

I love video games, animes and TV shows! Kingdom Hearts is my favorite video game πŸ’˜
During my free time, I tend to play video games or watch animes/TV shows, but I also like drawing, editing pictures and writing, if I'm motivated enough _(-Ο‰-`_)βŒ’)_

Hope we can be friends!

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I don't have the energy to be nice to people today. Maybe I should just stay home and watch Star Trek.

mental health negative 

Job search reveals nothing meaning that I will continue to be stuck at my job that I don't like.

Weird; I would think that Swimming and Diving would involve wildly different skill sets.

"A strong commitment to the student-athlete concept" - ah, as in, student labor that far exceeds the value of their tuition waiver. Neat.

"Work to resolve complex customer problems related to Ubuntu OpenStack technologies, Juju, MAAS *"

* Mastodon As A Service

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@katie Finally got my Mastodon feeds set up just the way I like

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I modified my character's texture pack

(Currently trying on my girlfriend's leggings to prep for an 80s party)
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