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Are Mastodon and Gab here to help or hurt? 

I guess if one of my business ideas takes off, I could start a publishing company, since I like to read…

is it too late to make a joke about Swalwell passing the torch

The county clerk is suing the governor, saying that issuing a driver's license to a someone who is not a US citizen is a violation of federal law.


Yesterday I did all the important things.

Today I ate junk food. Ah well.

"We may need to learn to be less offended"

As soon as I start hearing this sentiment from people who aren't white cis hetero males, I'll start paying attention.

heres another grindr impression 

Mastodon meet up where we all get together and have a massive good time

I've given up on having any kind of routine in my life. I accept that it will always be a mess.

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