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I'm writing a thing on how video games have generally boring magic systems and how to make them better, and it might be one of the nerdiest things I've ever written

But man, I don't care, it's really fun to just write about something so specific like this

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the chickens have finally moved into their permanent run!

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video of battery-powered Reform 2 accessing USB floppy disk

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Sitting here eating my sandwich at a local shop and this convertible rolls up w/ 2 late 60-early 70 year old men rolls up and these two women of similar age run up and jump in the back seat like it’s a god damn teen movie from the 80s...

"…sitting in the park, watching twinks lift weights on Instagram…you?"

This sure beats going to the gym! Though it's a bit demoralizing watching a twink deadlift 120kg

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I'm listening to an interview with author Lydia Fitzpatrick.

She gets fellowships to write, and then sells the books.

It's probably childish of me to even think this, but I definitely feel like I've been doing it wrong.

I ran on my server as well, which has a much cheaper GPU.

I learned a few more Chinese characters. I'm just trying to read and write; no sound (yet).

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I’ve created an alt account where I’ll post music I’m currently enjoying. Feel free to follow 😊


That was then, but this: this…is now.

I hate that I have to be in the perfect environment to concentrate enough to read.

Can't be too loud or too quiet…

As much as I like this cafe, I don't think I can study here today. It's bizarrely empty 🤷🏼‍♂️

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So I'm gonna be streaming a bit about IPv4/IPv6, how they work, how routing works, and how interconnections work tomorrow at 1pm EDT/7pm CEST/10am PDT tomorrow!

(actual subjects will depend on how long it takes and if people on stream are interested)

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