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What Linux distribution should I use for an old laptop with a Centrino processor and 1 GB of RAM?

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Person1: "Brrrr wird langsam kalt im Büro"
Person2: "Stimmt, hast recht. Werf mal noch ein paar VMs aufn ESX noch"
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Given how privacy focused (privacy obsessed?) many of us are, there's a distro that I'm surprised I don't hear more about: #qubesos

I ran QubesOS as my daily driver for a few weeks a little while ago and was really impressed. It doesn't fit my use-case right now, but it's one of 4 distros I'm considering whenever I get a desktop.

Plus, even if I don't use Qubes, I'll probably steal some of their ideas for whichever distro I end up with

I liked this Thai show because of the cute actors but the last episode is so stupid that I want to throw things at the TV.

I was afraid that if I had a Soylent dinner, it would turn into the appetizer for junk food, so I just went ahead and had junk food instead.

I'm still not sure if I did the right thing.

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The Hong Kong protesters have now officially announced revolution:

I'm not sure if copying phrases from the US declaration of independence was a good idea, because it's confirming the official Chinese narrative more than necessary. Let's hope that things don't turn very ugly very soon.

I used to not like being at the office alone, but now I kind of like it…

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fediverse poll ! 

Poll time: How many time did you move instances (or created an alt on another instance) in the last 12 months ?

(boost would be super appreciated)

(also there is another question bellow, maybe boost and reply to that one too)

"Vegans don't eat anything.

Glass of wine—that's dinner!"

I might not normally have the discipline to reserve my favorite activities for the weekend, but I want to be happier.

If Shaul's template (Work You Love, Living in a Place You Love, Being Around People You Love) is to be believed, then I need to study seriously to achieve the "Work You Love" objective.

Perhaps marketable skills will unlock "Living in a Place You Love" as a bonus. 🙏🏼

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My plan is making me feel how precious time is, because if I'm going to exercise or study during the week, any music making or fiction reading I want to do has to get done tomorrow or wait until next weekend.

I'm not sure why I even came to the cafe. For some reason I always imagine it's going to be comfortable, good or no music, the perfect buzz of conversation…

But tonight the AC's on even though it's 54℉ out, top 40s radio of course, everyone seems to be mid-rant, and my table is wobbling because the futuristic 3-legged version hasn't been invented yet.

Maybe I should have just gone to a bar.

I put a notice on my calendar every three months to ask myself if I'm still exercising and studying.

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