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anyone find black friday deals on therapy?


Looking for some decent computer related mystery books, written by women, with a female lead

Any ideas?

I really want to setup an instance of #Funkwhale for my music.

Instagram is crushed by what I'm assuming is the weight of Thanksgiving family boredom.

Are you using / have you used Mastodon's "list" feature?

One of our city's hidden gems is this #Buddhist temple and #Zen Center along Jose Abad Santos, where basic Chán #meditation, posture, breathe-counting and other mindfulness techniques are taught weekly to the public, FREE of charge.

The next session starts on January next year, including their #BodhiStar program, a meditation class for children, 6-12 years old.

Their address is 716 Jose Abad Santos Street, Little Baguio, San Juan
+632 8723 6132

Every time I switch from Dvorak to Qwerty, I spend the first 60 seconds wondering how anybody can remember the Qwerty key locations. Then I remember the letters are literally printed on the keys.

New presentation from Bootlin:
"Embedded Linux from scratch in 40 minutes, on RISC-V"
Learn how to build a Linux kernel and root filesystem for RISC-V and boot it on a QEMU emulated machine.
See how simple embedded Linux can be!

basically i want a message passing protocol framework and daemon that peers like syncthing but sends messages with low latency and has many builtin gateways including smtp

video, my commute, motion.
fancying that ghosts may wake and leave their graves by day.

so, would anyone be up for playing some space station 13 sometime? i've got a mad itch to play the game that defined my high school years again but i haven't played for *years* and i dont want to play with some randos i canttrust to not be dicks.

dm me if you're interested

business idea 

Why doesn't #Firefox look good on a HiDPI display on Linux in its default config?

After some research, I figured I had to set layout.css.devPixelsPerPx to 1.5 in order to make the UI match the rest of my desktop.

Trying to live with intentionality 

Vurderer å hoppe skip til en instanse jeg forstår den lokale tidslinjen på. Kanskje jeg bør starte opp min egen, igjen?

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