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I’m a little drunk, so I’m putting it up to the fedi to please remind me to go off on the liberals about nuclear power and why it’s not a solution to the energy crisis.

I come from two generations of nuclear power workers, so you know I’m not just some Medium wannabe. I have *details* and eXaMpLeS.

Seriously it’s going to be great.

Lovely morning for a walk to the store 🌞

lol just realized he lives across the street from the office 😂 for some reason I didn't recognize him out of place

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There is this guy who comes to the airport and cleans his car while his child watches the planes and plays with toy airplanes. It's so cute. 🤓

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weird idea 

"All great art is created in response to the restriction of the art form"

Alright, so I'm going with this idea. What about an Android app where you make a blog or post images or whatever. It all goes to a server and hosted on the WWW as regular content.

But you only get 1MB (maybe even 500KB) of space and the user's goal is to make the most of that space.

The thing that I found nice is that it's not meant to be forever. You can't live forever on 1MB of space. You take a few nice pictures, and put a poem under them and that's it.

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proposal defense 

I passed my proposal defense! Got some good suggestions too!

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Anyone in #leadership positions out there recommend one or two must-read #books on the topic?

I want someone to comb my hair with a regular comb, and the same comb but missing a tooth to see if I can tell the difference by feel.

mason jar, but sounding like 'messenger' when spoken

actual Trump supporter when presented with Trump's tweets 

"That is sad. I hate to see that. I don’t do Twitter. But, sadly JB is not any better. Did you hear him tell DT to 'shut up' and call him 'this clown' during the debates?"

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Well that's a weight off my mind. 

One of the model train club members is selling his locomotive.

I was thinking about how I'd have to either bring it home or winterize it, and I don't have a truck so I'd have to ask someone to move it for me…

As it turns out, his daughter omitted a decimal place on the price— it's $13,000, not $1,300.

Problem solved…I will not buy this one 😅

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Go to a Columbus Day Sale and celebrate the true spirit of the colonisers! Stick a flag in the ground. Declare the entire store to be yours now. Lock the manager in the back room. Take everything you want. Loot the cash registers and safe. Burn the entire place to the ground. Build a lemonade stand in the ruined ashes. Force the people who used to work there to buy overpriced lemonade while not providing them with any cups.

I have this fantasy that I will wake up early to work on personal projects, because once I get back from the office, I'm useless.

But it's already 9AM and I still feel groggy. I probably won't feel "myself" until noon or so.

I wanted to see the new engine house be delivered to the model railroad club today, but I needed to probably plan this the night before 😅

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