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My first Han Kang book…a well-deserved reputation IMHO

Also check out this typography 😍

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widzę że mój prosty bugfix (dodanie brakującego tekstu jednego z powiadomień) wisi w repo Mastodona prawie miesiąc, jedno tłumaczenie wisi pół roku, a o przyjęcie tłumaczenia dokumentacji musiałem sam upominać się na discordzie, więc może pora przestać bawić się we wkład w mastodona

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Making a list of things that are important to me in a home I own when I am unable to clean my tiny apartment.

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My computer is no longer stuck on DST! Thank you GLib devs 🙌🏼

It was easily the most trivial-yet-annoying bug I ever encountered.

Even if I set the time manually, some applications still believed I was on DST 😅


"Crazy Rich Asians star Chris Pang says Asian men are now being portrayed as hunks in Hollywood"

'portrayed'? But Asian men *are* hunks…

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What dynamic DNS service would you recommend (privacy, reliability, security)?

My favorite is atm. Change my mind 😊


the office 

I was thinking about which employee I would (hypothetically) want to team up with as a business partner.

…I don't think it would be any of them 🤔

Game show where the contestants have to find an item in an American grocery store

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It will never stop blowing my mind how the forwards trip always feels longer than the return trip (given they’re the same distance).

Ultimately, I never really felt like I had much to gain by being helpful. I would have been trying to drag my employer into the future, kicking and screaming.

But it is probably the kindest thing I could have done for her, personally, and also the best use of my skills and talents.

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In hindsight, I think my highest contribution to the office would have been to push for a fully remote workforce.

It's easy to say during a pandemic, but it's something I wanted to do anyway to maximize employee flexibility and allow my employer to send everyone home and then rent out the building.

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I just had an hour long remote consultation with the guy that runs the edible acres youtube channel and nursery and it was *great*. highly recommended if you'd like to get some thoughts about your yard from a permaculture perspective. I had a very specific issue about what to do with some large trees and he gave me some great ideas.

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I’ve been up to my eyeballs in the company’s general ledger database today, making a report that the native software can’t do. I still can’t tell “debit” from “credit”.

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A long time ago I heard about a concept I called the "Multiplicity of Weirdness"

Basically, the weirder you get, /the weirder you get/

Because as you get more weird you get more accepting of others weirds, which helps you discover more of your own, which helps you to be more accepting....

Anyway a couple of searches aren't actually finding anything and I had assumed it was a more widespread concept than it seems to be. Anyone know of any write-ups on the topic / phrase?

I'm constantly trying to talk myself into where I am and what I'm doing.

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