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Seems as though Nest Wifi links port forwarding to IP address reservations.

I might just start fresh address scheme tomorrow.

I'm installing Ubuntu on my NUC and moving my containers there until I figure out what I'm doing.

*web dev team sitting around a table*

*one of them pipes up* What if, after the user signs in, the site forgets everything they entered so far?

*the team cackles menacingly, and then quickly implements the "feature"*

I always thought not having internet access at home would help me focus on what really matters, but I think it's the complete opposite.

Now my full time job is working around not having internet access.

Not having a car would probably lead to a similar predicament, where transportation planning would take over my life.

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BSD Now 398: Coordinated Mars Time

Along with the normal news summaries, the latest BSD Now offers a bounty to the first person implementing Coordinated Mars Time; a worthy idea.

I literally feel better just sitting on front of my computer even though I can't do much. I guess it really is sort of like a slot machine.

I have a netgear m1 coming. My plan is to plug my router into the Ethernet port and run everything off of it. I'll just keep buying Data Passes until the wired connection is restored.

I really miss my smart devices and wifi bulbs 😭

I should feel elated after my second dose of Pfizer but instead I just kinda feel like, "eh, now what?"

I guess it's escalation of pleasure or something

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A&W Food 

Teen® Sauce

Canola oil, water, sugar, vinegar, modified corn starch, egg yolk, salt, mustard powder, xanthan gum, potassium sorbate, caramel, spices, calcium disodium EDTA, spice extract.

It was almost impossible to learn that BAN stands for Billing Account Number.

I got my second Pfizer dose yesterday and I still feel fine 🤷🏼‍♂️

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has anyone else written a zoom link opener and have a hotkey to launch your standup with it or are you normal

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Snow again. In April. Well, let's make the most of it. Moving atmosphere and steam power in the shape of a lovely narrow-gauge railway from 1929. #photography #railway

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People argue about feet/inches versus meters, but there's only one true universal measurement system.

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I do have Plex working offline, but for some media, the player tries to "update" which obviously doesn't work without internet access.

I'm glad I still have a DVD player, plus ripping for Plex is a pain, and even when my connection is working, it's not fast enough for more than one stream.

I spend a lot of time and energy screwing around for someone who ostensibly likes to read.

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