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I ran dd-wrt on a linksys wrt54gl for years and resisted upgrading because it seemed fine. But eventually I had so many newer devices that I figured I should try faster wifi.

Maybe I should try it again? It's definitely my cheapest option.

This is all because Google pulling the WiFi app in June, but the Home app is not fully functional yet, so I'm trying to have a game plan in case it just never gets fixed.

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Basically it's the only switch I can find with power over 10gb Ethernet.

The new wifi hotspots I've been eyeing have four radios and a 2.5gb connection.

Obviously my internet connection isn't that fast, but I've been thinking about putting my windows desktop on wifi while I keep all my files on my Linux box.

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I would like to thank :clearlinux: for this timely update

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The Search Engine for Vintage Computers

paging @MutoShack πŸ€“

I just learned that SSL Filtering is a thing.


I think I want an edgerouter.

As for the wifi, idk yet. 802.11ax in case I want to run my desktop off of it, I guess.

Google WiFi forgot my port forwarding rules *again*?

I guess I'm buying a router πŸ˜•

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caught my cat pawing at the dials on the stove. I think he is trying to murder me.

For some reason, when people call, all of the stuff I've been thinking about all day goes out of my mind, and I don't know what to say.

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I don't know if I am the only one, but each email I receive in and send from my email server, hosted on my Raspberry Pi, feels like an actual victory.

A victory, because it makes me feel independant and self-reliable.

Every issue (a brute-force attack, a misconfiguration, or something that I could automate) feels like a fun challenge, something that I can overcome.

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One of the important things in life is having a good setting for your toaster.

Starbucks is busy!? They close in 15 minutes πŸ˜…


My friend's doctor sent him to the emergency room to help him quit drinking (?).

Modern medicine is amazing if you are suffering from, say, a gunshot wound.

Japan keeps coming up. My cousin is learning Japanese, one of the hosts of The Bangkok Podcast was planning a tourism company to bring people to Japan before covid, and I tuned into Gruber's latest podcast to hear an interview with Craig Mod, who lives in Japan. πŸ˜…

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