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my autobiography is titled "the unmaintained life"

I'm concerned that using a timer to limit my after-office recovery time could encourage worse food choices or faster eating, neither of which are desirable.

Do I have any other options?

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More progress. Now it uses exactly same approach as macOS and isn’t even that hacky. It doesn’t handle scrolling while zooming atm though, and I’m not sure whether the glitch with the position: fixed header is supposed to happen.

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I'm in such a bad mood today 😔

tiktok adding keyboard navigation is unexpected

I keep recalling anime as live action. 😅

Get a grip, brain!

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I lost track of how many times I tried to implement faster zooming in WebKitGTK, but here’s another attempt. Likely GTK4-only, last time I tried it this approach wasn’t much faster than status quo with GTK3. But hey, zooming youtube on a 4K screen, and it’s sorta kinda smooth.

Ignore the flicker at the end or the fact it only zooms at the top left corner, that’s easier to fix once basics work.

Congratulations to Mozilla on the 100th major UI refresh 🙌🏼

Last night instead of cutting my losses and winding down for bed, I tried to work on a project so that I could Feel Like I Had Done Something, and that was definitely The Wrong Answer.

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the icemaker in my fridge is regulated by clocksprings and gears even though it's inside an appliance with both electrical service and plumbing and I think that's beauti...actually a bit puzzling

It's not just the same kiss; it's the same sequence of edits, just one minute apart in this show.

My brain: "They kissed twice!"

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I was not sure I was in the mood after a long therapy session, but i rallied and I am glad I did.

I am riding for the Canadian Mental Health Association this month. If you can spare some funds, please donate:

Or get out and show your support by doing some self care of your own.

#ridedonthideyeg #mentalwellness #mentalhealth
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