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This hotel is new enough to have USB-C in the wall.

"Why don’t we all just take moment to acknowledge that we are collectively exhausted?"

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October 24, 2020

Why let the browser determine the page layout? I'm sure professional designers can do a better job.


Windows Phone lives on as Windows Phone 365: a mobile phone OS as a service. Simply launch the iOS app or set it as your default shell on Android. Wherever you go, there's all your stuff. ™️

For Tobias, this means GNOME should be free to abandon “old concepts like menu bars or status icons” so it can instead focus on trying to “invent something better” holistically, from the ground up — even if that turns out to be worse for users.


Haha, OK, I altered the quote. 😋

“Every Preference Has a Cost” – Dev Explains the ‘GNOME Way’

I'm getting pizza from the 'burbs.

Lots of jogging dads…

The VPS host reports that all of their nodes use supported CPUs, and I didn't venture to ask if they have ssse3 disabled because I'm pretty sure they have already used several years' worth of income to handle my two support tickets.

I guess I will use Ubuntu on this one VPS and try to focus on the actual stuff I want to do (hosting a podcast) instead of my own "technical debt."

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The last movie I saw before covid was My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising with a costume contest and everything on February 28, 2020.

At least I went out with a bang.

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I find the consistency of how Japan is represented in anime to be remarkable.

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I would imagine if anywhere didn't recommend masks, it would be Yolo County, because, you know…

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I think it's just a theme for Trinity which was forked from KDE. But it looks really good!

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Nothing illustrates the fundamental failure of the commercialized Internet better than the fact that it's not reasonable for most people to share a file with me by opening a port to their computer and giving me a URL

The degree of complexity we accept as normal for what should be the simplest of operations—sharing data with another user—is absurd

(Redrafted to fix typos)

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