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πŸ•΅πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ Wondering what exactly is lurking in your SQLite databases? Never again. sqlite-tui is a keyboard and mouse driven SQLite browser that we think is simply awesome.

Built with Bubble Tea and Lip Gloss!

I couldn't look away from Reddit this morning. πŸ˜…

I didn't expect the cafe to be this busy. I didn't bring a mask and now I feel like a jerk.

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> The underlying point is that the progress of society has nothing to offer us and everything to take away. Often it feels like we are giving it away without a fight: when we sell our time for money, allow our passions to be commodified, invest ourselves in the betterment of society, or sustain ourselves on the spoils of ecological destruction, we openly (though not consensually) participate in our own destruction.

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Habits are weird. I know my Thai teacher is away this week but I am studying at our usual lesson spot.

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I think schools should have a mascot in their health classes named Sex Ed. just a dude who likes sex

"I remembered, long after returning from MΓ©rida, that Greene, in his nonfictional account of a trip across Mexico in 1937, The Lawless Roads, had, everywhere he turned, found Germans curiously settled in the middle of a forbidding landscape, solitary Americans riding the trains, people who ended up in an alien and sometimes terrifying country as if in some haunted place within themselves."

The Man Within My Head
by Pico Iyer

I have a soldering iron.

I rarely need it, but when I do, it's incredibly valuable, so I'm not going to get rid of it.

Multiply this by hundreds of items and you have my house.

Basically, in order to be a modern person, I need to live in a warehouse.

This is fine. πŸ”₯

Alas it seems I have lost the display lottery with a green gradient that was more prominent in the dark. At least it explains the sickly looking skin tones.

I guess I will return the Pixel 5a and hope for the best with the Pixel 6.

If I knew someone at Google, I'd have them hand pick a 5a for me. It's otherwise nice.

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my mom once asked me why I can't be in a nice band that sounds like mumford and sons and it made me want to die.

Side by side, color reproduction is superior on the Pixel 2. I'm not sure this is such a bad thing for a device that I'm overly addicted to, but it's worth noting if you really want to see gorgeous skin tones. 84.5% of the DCI-P3 color gamut for the Pixel 5a vs 91% for the Pixel 5, so that's really where your money goes.

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Pixel 5a first impressions: it's really, really nice 🀀 for a phone I basically consider half price!

I'm hesitant to try esim because I can't find a video of someone moving their esim from one android device to another.

Somehow it wouldn't surprise me if I were the first person to ever attempt it.

So much for my brilliant plan of reading on the deck. I slept in and the sun took over.

Pixel 5a is heavy! πŸ˜…

But I guess long battery life is what everyone wants, and this is how you get it.

I'll be hoping for a smaller/lighter Pixel 7/8.

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