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Today was my first day at #SpaceX. where I will develop avionics firmware for #Starship and other vehicles. πŸš€

The πŸ…±οΈ in CNB Bank stands for Bank. πŸ˜”

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File system question, please boost 

I'm setting up an external flash storage thingy to use with Linux. I have heard that plain ext4 might not be a good choice for its file system because of the journaling. Is that true? If so, what would be a better alternative? I do not care about non-Linux compatability BTW.
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Thinking of taking a Linux certification.
Which one do you believe is most "recognised" in the industry?
I do have experience in Linux but haven't had the chance to do "serious" stuff, so it's hard to prove what I know. I am leaning towards LFCS as it's practical and my memory is not what it used to be.

Boosts and comments welcome

#AskFedi #Certification #Linux

It's nice to have clean enough logs that you can actually find the weird stuff.

I'm thinking two lav mics and a boom should be good coverage.

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On the livestream this morning, the actors used these mics handheld, and there was no handling noise at all. I was super impressed.

I'm so nervous about getting good audio for video. Some of the shows I love have horrendous audio. It doesn't stop me from enjoying the show, but I notice it.

Last night I dreamed that I was graduating high school. I remember telling someone in the dream that I wouldn't miss the ceremony for the world. And I had so much planned for my life after graduation. I was so happy.

I'm reading this as a sign that I'm really ready to leave my job. But unlike in the dream, if I quit, I have nowhere else to be and nothing else to do. So I guess that's what I need to focus on.

I watched a live stream in Thai, Chinese, and English this morning.

When I got to the cafe and heard native speakers speaking English, it sounded weird and unintelligible.

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Fiat money just means the currency can't be converted into some other store of value by its issuer as a rule.

Bitcoin is fiat money.

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β€œ...The government had access to my private emails and were sharing them with Congress and leaking them to the media. I felt invaded by my own government, punished for leading a civil rights organization.”

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I had to carry all of the groceries in one trip because of my gender.

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Ours was now a country in which the cost of replacing a broken machine with a newer model was typically lower than the cost of having it fixed by an expert, which itself was typically lower than the cost of sourcing the parts and figuring out how to fix it yourself. This fact alone virtually guaranteed technological tyranny, which was perpetuated not by the technology itself but by the ignorance of everyone who used it daily and yet failed to understand it. To refuse to inform yourself about the basic operation and maintenance of the equipment you depended on was to passively accept that tyranny and agree to its terms: when your equipment works, you'll work, but when your equipment breaks down you'll break down, too. Your possessions would possess you.

- Edward Snowden, Permanent Record

Well, well, well! The incumbent mayor found a sympathetic judge, and after not campaigning and losing the primary election, he'll be appearing on the ballot after all.

I'm sure any candidate would have received the same consideration. πŸ™ƒ

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